Australis Lash TLC Mascara

Australis Lash TLC Mascara

When it comes to mascaras I tend to be a little bit of a high-end brand snob, not just because I adore the sleek, luxurious packaging but I’ve genuinely had better results with more expensive mascaras (the only real exception being Cover Girl Lash Blast which is my HG budget mascara.) When I had the opportunity to trial the Australis Lash TLC mascara, I was curious to see if the low price point would have an impact on the quality.

The Australis Lash TLC Mascara is designed to give lashes great volume, length and definition whilst protecting and conditioning. Australis says “Containing nourishing vitamins, Vitamin E to protect lashes against damage caused by free radicals and environmental stresses and Vitamin B5 to moisturise hair against brittleness and breakage, strengthening and conditioning each lash one by one. Also enriched with silk powder, a protein containing 18 kinds of amino acids.”

The Packaging

Hot in a young, fun kinda way. Other bloggers have commented on its 80s-like styling and as a child of the 80′s I like this! The tube is a bright pink metallic colour and the bold black text is clear and easy to read. You’ll have no trouble fishing this one out of your make-up bag!Australis-Lash-TLC-Mascara

Australis-Lash-TLC-Mascara review

The formula

Lash TLC felt a little thick and gluggy, but conditioning at the same time. It’s almost like the mascara equivilent of a thick, hydrating moisturiser in that it feels heavy in a good way. It made my lashes feel very soft and lacked the ‘crunchy’ feel that some other mascaras have. I found the thickness of the formulation a little difficult to work with and it was prone to clumping.

However, when applied well (and possibly combed through with a clean brush or spoolie) the result was very nice. Glossy black lashes with a nice amount of volume and a slight curl. Again because the formula was quite heavy the curl dropped somewhat throughout the day. I noticed after using this mascara that there is also a Curling formulation available, so if you’re looking for extra lift and curl I would recommend checking out the version with the curved brush.

On the lashesAustralis-Lash-TLC-Mascara swatchesAustralis-Lash-TLC-Mascara swatchAustralis-Lash-TLC-Mascara picture

As you can see the lashes are a little clumped but they’re nice and black! The shade Blackest Black is very pigmented, which is great on my naturally light brown lashes.

Overall thoughts and details

For the price of $14.95AUD it’s not a bad mascara. The colour was nice and rich, giving a super-defined look and it stayed on very well through the day. There was no flaking or smudging and removal was easy at the end of the day. Definitely worth a look if you’d like a more subtle for day time. As for the ‘conditioning’ aspects I did find that my lashes felt quite soft when using this, although I don’t know if that will have any long term effect. Australis is stocked at Priceline, K-Mart and Target.

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