Australis Bright Blue Nail Polish (Blue Tiger)

Australis Blue Tiger nail polish review:

Everybody wants the perfect nail polish that combines a fantastic formula with bold colours! So I was recently drawn to the Australis Nail Colour range because of their exciting and bold colours but on closer inspection, I was greeted by high promises at a very competitive price! I purchased the Australis Nail Colour in Blue Tiger because it was a great statement blue to one of my brand new outfits and, hey, who doesn’t love a bright blue? 

Thank you to Australis for this photo, Blue Tiger looks fierce huh?

I’m not the best at putting on nail enamel (although I am improving!), so the fact that Australis promised it would be streak-free was a huge tick in my book! Once I screwed off the lid, I was greeted with an easy to use brush and as Australis promised it was very creamy and oh so bright! All this for the very low price of $7.95!  

Bright Blue Tiger nail polish !

They boast that even with one coat, provides excellent coverage and as you can see above they do live up to their word! So for a girl on a go this would definitely be the polish for you because a quick slick of your favourite colour (over 19 shades in the range and many limited edition fashion colours) and your good to go.


Two coats of Blue Tiger!

By adding this second coat, this achieves a deeper, richer colour and I have to say I am very impressed! I find that a lot of my polishes bubble and take a century to dry and with my terrible nail painting skills, Blue Tiger was exactly what I needed! A bold, dark, bright, anti-bubble and fast drying polish came to my rescue! 

Although I still hold a special place in my heart for salon brands, this is a great inexpensive lick of colour that brightened up my day and turned my outfit into a statement! Don’t be afraid to play with colour during Autumn/Winter to brighten up the drab afternoons and who doesn’t love wearing hot reads to mirror the gorgeous falling leaves!

It does chip after a few days of wear which I found a little disappointing. Blue Tiger has introduced me into the world of colour inside each and every bottle of Australis Colour nail range and has helped suppressed my winter blues, well, with a winter blue! An inexpensive treat for myself that does not hurt my purse and makes me feel fabulous, yes please!

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