Auravedic – Skin polish Sandal Turmeric and Pure Aloe Vera Gel Review

Hello everyone! here is my Auravedic – Skin polish Sandal Turmeric and Pure Aloe Vera Gel Review!

Today I will give break to haul posts and review two products only, I have been using for months now. I firmly believe before reviewing any product one should use it for few months first to identify all its pros and cons.

Here we have two products by
 Auraveric- Skin Polish Sandal Turmeric and Pure Aloe Vera Gel.

So I won’t keep you waiting let’s proceed for the review!

1 Auravedic Skin polish Sandal Turmeric and Pure Aloe Vera Gel
Lets start with Sandal turmeric skin Polish…
2 skin polish sandal turmeric
What I think?

Before starting let me share my skin story with you all. I have normal to dry skin in winters and normal to very oily in summers. So when I started using this skin polish it was winter period and there were few pimples coming out on my face. I avoid using any kind of scrubs

 even mild ones on my face , when I have pimples. But tried this as this appeares really soft on my skin.
3 back packaging
Girls if you have pimple even then this skin polish won’t harm your skin at all. I am assuming only few pimples here and there. In case of severe skin allergy, do ask your derma before using any scrub. Companies claim of scrubbing and imparting glow is something I can adhere totally.Glow is temporary but still shows on face. I don’t have any age spots or pigmentation on face. Apart from few acne scars, it has lightened my acne scars to some extent. I can notice as I used this scrub for few months now.

My skin is a bit sensitive also  so using any scrub on my face is something I can’t afford. I generally scrub with paste of almonds. But I must say this skin polish is equally mild in texture.
If this scrub has not done miracles to my skin, then  it has not done any damage also.

How I use it? I wet my face with water and apply this as thin layer on face and after 5 mins scrub it off with light hands.

4 the paste look- turmeric
Price and Quantity:-  If we talk about price and quantity, I think it gets used little and works well for skin type like me or most like me. So price and quantity are apt.Packaging: I think this kind of plastic packing is bit fragile and can break easily. Tube packing is better for travel purpose also. packing could be issue with some people.

Availability :-  I have not seen auravedic products locally till now. But I have mentioned two sites above for buying them through out India.

Ingredients:-  All natural ingredients, chemical free and quite good on skin.

Have a look at the texture, and this smells heavenly of sandal.
  1. Chemical free
  2. Not tested on animals
  3. Pocket friendly price
  4. Not bad for someone with *acne (can read reason above)
  5. Love the sandalwood fragrance
  6. Ingredients are natural


  1. Packaging could have been more sturdy
  2. Availability is problem !!! as only i found in two sites.(correct me , may be I am wrong)
  3. may be allergic to some.

Pure Aloe Vera Gel with Green Tea and Pomegranate

What auravedic says? 
Made from 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel, with out all the chemicals! This pure aloe is an instant One of nature’s most effective skin conditioners, aloe soothes and hydrates dry, rough & sun burned skin on contact.
5 pure aloe vera
Price and Qty: 225 INR for 100 gms
Shelf life: 2 yrs
Ingredients: Aloe vera, Green tea, lemon oil, olive oil, pomengrate oil, wheat germ oil ….
7 auravera back packaging 9 pure aloe vera back view

The texture is in gel base with white to transparent color.

8 auravera gel

What I think?

 Its a multi-purpose gel let it be hair, sun burns. minor burns we get during working in kitchen, cuts, bug bites or stings….list is so long.
But this gel is so good on skin , refreshing with cool effect.

Being a home maker I keep on getting small cut here and there while working with my kitchen tools. This is so cool on skin and works so well. Atleast this can be as first aid.

I used this as face cream/gel but this seems a bit drying on skin. But if used as face mask and washing afterwards, this could leave skin soft and supple. I have not faced any allergies so far using this product.

I am yet to use this on my hair as pack. I used this mostly as face mask.
All natural ingredients seems so promising And I am big time fan of anything with green tea and  Aloe vera.


  1. Not tested on animals
  2. Multiple uses.
  3. Fragrance is so refreshing


  1. Availability only through online sites
  2. Packing is fragile.

9 pure aloe vera back view

Rating:- 4/5 ( for skin polish)

Rating:- 4/5 ( for gel)

Do share your experience of using above products, if you have tried.

These were PR samples sent by the brand, however it doesn’t affect my opinion.


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