Audrey Leighton Rogers: Fun and Quirky Street Style

Being fun and quirky in your street style isn’t simply a fashion statement. It’s a way of being weird in an endearing way. Women who are quirky are just weird enough to be interesting and intriguing but not weird enough to be creepy or off-putting. Fun and quirky women often stand out by being different while all being the same. Though this style requires finding ways to shine without bothering to be caught up in any trends, let’s have a style inspiration on how to show off your own uniqueness to the world.

0. cute pink sunglasses

A style blogger from Durham, United Kingdom, Audrey Leighton Rogers is the British beauty behind the blog Be Frassy. Her fun and quirky sense of style can be seen in her blog that provides a daily dose of fashion inspiration to her readers. She even described her style as unpredictable, sporadic, spontaneous, and creative where she has been featured and interviewed in Grazia, Nylon, and Teen Vogue. According to Audrey, the only thing that remains constant is her desire to stand out rather than blend in. Indeed, fashion is probably the most powerful role in her life and has developed as one of her favorite form of art.

black ribbon head piece quirky headband with black outfit

If you would like to dip your toe into the fun and quirky style, start small with your accessories. Like Audrey, you may wear hair ribbons, quirky headbands, cute sunglasses, and even updos hairstyle. As you can see, she wore ribbon headpieces with casual outfits and her accessories transformed the looks into a quirky style. Though it looks a bit weird, it ended up sleek and polished.

animal print scarf bow tie with colorful outfit quirky collar necklace

Also, quirky items such as a collar-shaped necklace or a bow tie looks great when worn with colorful quirky outfits. For instance, Audrey wore a collar-shaped necklace with a tube style jumpsuit and a bow tie ribbon to a set of colorful outfit. She even gets creative by wearing an animal print scarf in a neck-tie way.

quirky shoes quirky socks with sandals

Quirky footwear is a great statement too. You may break the rules by wearing quirky socks with sandals. Also, you may opt for tropical or fruit prints outfit paired with the same prints of your shoes. Just polish the look by sporting a fruit shaped clutch or bag to complete the fun in your creative style.

quirky blue outfit quirky green dress quirky transluscent dress

Quirky girls tend to wear pieces with unusual styles and cuts. Though Audrey is often seen in strange dress styles like cut-out blouses, trimmed dresses, halter dresses, and a see-through dress, her style is always considered fashionable.

camel coat with denim jeans lace skirt with leggingsoversized coat with sunglasses quirky minidress with hat

If you don’t have the guts to wear such quirky pieces, then just layer your casual items in a quirky way – in a way they’re not supposed to be worn. Like Audrey, she mixed a maxi dress and coat with distressed jeans and wore leggings into a see-through lace skirt instead of a half slip. Also, wearing an oversized coat or vest with classic pieces looks quirky too. Or, if you have some V-neck dresses, you may manually put some quirkiness to the look by going for a halter and off-shoulder look.

quirky print blouse quirky pink outfit quirky blue outfit polka dots stockings with yellow outfit flag print outfit

For an absolutely quirky statement, sport some fun and funky prints in bold colors. You may opt for flag print inspirations, geometric prints, classic prints, abstract prints, animal prints and such. Mix the prints with different textures such as leather, chiffon, cotton, and wool to create a great contrast.

Know the things that make you feel quirky and prepare ways to defend your outlook to the world. Since being quirky probably means expressing styles that differ markedly from others, learn to ignore or keep a sense of humor to treat other people’s lack of understanding with your creative style. After all, the most important thing is to keep your own happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment with your personal style.


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