Apocalips Rimmel Review

Hello there girls!

Today I’m gonna share you my Apocalips Rimmel Review!

Apocalips Rimmel has now been in the beauty world a few months. I’ve read many a review of how amazing the products were. So being my stupid self bought all the colour’s available. I’ve tried them all and I have to say I have never been so disappointed in a rave product. These lip glosses are so drying on the lips. They do stay on a while, but throughout the day they just seem to flake off. I really hope I am not the only one who has had this dreadful experience. They look so pigmented on the hand that they look amazing. However that’s where the good stops. Soon as applied it just drys and flakes. Not my cup of tea

Apocalips Rimmel

Apocalips Rimmel shades

Apocalips Rimmel shades

Not sure who else has had this experience. 


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