Annabelle Fleur: 5 Fashion Tips for Winter Season

Since temperatures have dropped to pretty unbearable levels, some of us temporarily shelve stylish outfits in favor of boring coats and winter boots. But, winter months don’t necessary mean we have to give up our style just to keep us warm and geared. Looking for a great style in the depths of winter? Annabelle Fleur, a California-based fashion blogger behind Viva Luxury, creatively pulled off her winter fashion with easygoing but iconic looks. Keep on scrolling to scoop some of her tricks.

1. Go for show-stopping accessories.

chic winter outfit

statement boots with kimono statement boots with tweed dress statement coat with chic hat and platform shoes statement sunglasses and bag with chic winter outfit

Whether a hat, scarf, or boots, your winter accessories can make or break your look. Like Annabelle, you can let your boots steal the show by showing them off with a short dress in winter-appropriate fabric, or with cuffed leather trousers or jeans. You may even go for a chic hat that’s appropriate for winter rather than just picking beanies. Also, statement sunglasses, structured bag, and leather gloves add some sophisticated and chic vibe to your winter looks.

2. Show off your leather and knitted ensembles.

knitted blazer with jeans and tee knitted sweater with leather trousers knitted sweater with skinny jeans leather trousers with chic coatknitted turtleneck with statement coat

In winter, clothes should have sleeves and in thick fabrics that provide warmth. So feel free to show off your favorite leather trousers, knitted dress, tweed tops, chunky sweaters, leather tops, or knitted turtlenecks that don’t need some outerwear just to pull off. Long-sleeved top or long-sleeved dress looks much smarter and more elegant than a nice dress or shirt with a blazer over it.

3.Don’t shy away from bright hues.

colorful winter outfit pink coat with edgy outfit red coat with chic outfit red coat with sporty chic outfit

If you’re not a fan of prints or sequins, spice up your winter looks with a splash of bold and bright colors. Glamorous fabrics make a statement because they stand out, as well as bright colors so it makes way more sense to wear your neon and fluorescent ensembles when no one else is. Think of red, cobalt blue, hot pink, bright red, and such that can channel your festive looks in the holiday.

4. Become a layering pro.

all black layered outfit edgy outfit with bright colored scarf fur coat with skinny jeans and boots winter outfit with red heels

Layering is a massively convenient way to dress when it’s really cold. Just be stylish and creative when piling your layers. Layer thin fabric clothes under your thick ones to look balanced and coordinated. You may even layer them in cascading way to avoid looking bulky and heavy. Sometimes, when you get enough warmth with a thick wool coat or a thick fur jacket, two-layers can be enough.

5. Go for a statement coat that gives a polished look to your winter outfit.

fur coat with edgy outfit statement coat with casual chic outfit statement coat with jeans statement jacket with skinny pants

Whether faux or genuine, fur coat as well as leather coat makes a statement. Wear them with just about anything to give your outfit an instant upgrade, especially when you’re wearing the most basic outfits that look dull and boring. Go for coats with a great structure, beautiful design, great color, and even unique prints that can give some new life to your winter outfits.

Like Annabelle, take advantage of the winter season to put-together a creative outfit, rather than wearing just any winter staple.


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