Ann Wood: Artistic Fashion Style

If you’re a creative, colorful, and artsy, one way to convey your unique style is with artistic fashion style. Your deep interest in the arts can be channeled through fashion style as dressing artistically shows your personality and sets you apart from the fashion fixated public. So, are you wondering how to dress more artistically while preserving the timeless elegance at the same time? Let’s have an artistic fashion inspiration.

polka dots dress

A style blogger from St. Paul, Minnesota, Ann Wood is an artist with a passionate interest in fashion and photography. She named her blog “Blue Hue Wonderland” because it grew out from blue times in her life and the word “wonderland” describes the quality she’s searching for when she makes her photos. No wonder, her blog serves as an online portfolio in documenting her personal style where she combines her artistic skills she learned from art school. Ann describes her style as artistic yet classic for where it is an extension of her interest in art.

red and black band coat

When updating your look and style in an artistic way, one way is to define your own style first and not be subjected to the changing face of fashion. Fashion magazines display the latest trends and styles where everyone is expected to jump on board to be in style so it’s time to be original and show off your artistic side. You may start by finding pieces with genuine artistic flair such as bold and interesting designs, unusual combination of colors and unique patterns.

blue lace dress cute artistic scarf

maroon dress with brown bag

You may start incorporating some artistic touch to your look is by wearing some fashion jewelry with an  artisan look and feel. Choose artistic rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that may be gold plated or silver plated that can change a plain outfit into a brand new outfit just by wearing them. If you’re not into metallic jewelry, then opt for scarves, brooches, or even a pair of wood or bead earrings. Make your accessories the focal point of your outfit and build a collection of them to express your artistic impulses in every outfit.

artistic clutch bag cute artistic bag

Handbags are an excellent way to express your artistic side. Why not look for unique, handcrafted, and artistic bags or clutches? Like Ann, you may sport an artistic bag with creative outfits like a red and pink combination. Or, keep the focal point of your handbag by wearing all black with a touch of yellow. This way, black will be a great backdrop for your chic clutch to shine.

animal print coat with blue outfit animal print coat artistic green coat gray and white dress houndstooth patterned coat

Trench coats are timeless and classic staples. Why not bring some artistic touch to them by opting for artistic prints and patterns such as floral, leopard, houndstooth, zebra and such? If you’re not into coats, then wear some dress with an artistic touch and sport some black tights to complement your style.

artistic red skirt artistic skirt with black top artistic top with red outfit

If you want to wear separates, just remember to keep the focus on your artistic piece as wearing too many artistic pieces all at once can be overwhelming. Just wear one artistic item either blouse or skirt then pair it with solid colored pieces. Also, you can find handmade pieces such as hand painted or hand woven that will really stand out from the mass-produced items often seen in most department stores.

colored pants with printed scarf cute bag with artistic dress

If you want some fun, then be brave for mixing prints and pattern. Like Ann, you may wear a printed scarf with a printed blouse or a printed dress with a printed bag. Creatively clashing prints really show off your love for art.

There’s so much you can do to show off your artistic side. Everyone is unique, so don’t “squash” this uniqueness just to fit in. Find something you like that you can stick with and embrace it.


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