Angie Cox: How to Nail Modern Classic Style

Classic styles are great but too much of it all at once can look plain and boring. Thankfully, many articles of classic clothing styles and accessories are fashionable even by modern standards. To keep the timeless feel, try mixing a few classic items into a few modern items to create your own modern classic look. Remember, your style is your business card to the world as it gives people a first impression of you. So, if you want to look classic and modern, let’s have a fashion inspiration for a great style.

colorful paneled blouse with skirt

A Dutch style blogger, Angie Cox is extraordinaire behind the You Look Fab blog. Angie has been in the international fashion industry for 22 years as a designer, fashion consultant, and fashion stylist. Her minimalistic modern classic style can be mirrored to her blog that has grown into a bustling global community about fashion and style. Her style preferences are a mixture of androgynous tomboy and feminine, yet the result is refined and polished. Instead of wearing a conventionally flattering outfit, she prefers to focus on self-expression and make outfit proportions that are just flattering enough for her. According to Angie, she enjoys wearing high-end and low-end items in simple designs, neutral colors, and comfortable shoes as she doesn’t wear high heels, and sandals.

classic sweater with modern trousers

Angie focuses on the quality and craftsmanship of simple pieces. Remember, style is a powerful means of self-expression, and an opportunity to have fun. So, assess how a fashion staple makes you feel and look since the style comes from the inside out. If something makes you feel fabulous, then wear it.

classic outfit with stylish scarf floral pants with classic jacket gingham checkered blouse with flared pants polka dots top with classic trench coat

One way to nail the modern classic look is to play with classic prints. Prints like checks, polka dots, stripes, gingham, tartan, plaids, floral and such give a timeless feel. Just pair it with something modern to keep the interest in your style. Like Angie, you may sport a classic print scarf with your classic pieces like a sweater and flared pants. Floral print pants with structured jacket look preppy and yet grown-up. Tops with classic prints like gingham and polka dots look best with loose dressy pants. You may top off a classic trench coat to balance the modern classic style.

checkered sweater with classic jacket denim jacket with classic dress denim vest with classic skirt tartan pants with classic pumps

If you like to sport a modern classic style in a casual look, then pair your classic print pieces with anything denim. Denim jeans, denim vest, denim jacket, and even denim bag will do the trick. Denim touch balances the classic touch of your tartan pants, polka dots dress, striped skirt, and checkered sweater.

classic black dress with modern belt classic coat with colored pants modern jacket with all white outfit classic trench coat with modern boots classic trench coat with metallic pants

Generally, it’s best to pick one or two classic pieces into modern ensembles one at a time to emphasize the classic style yet modern. Like Angie, you could easily modernize a simple classic dress with a modern belt or wear a modern jacket over your classic outfit. Trench coats are timeless fashion staples that are versatile to pair with your modern pieces. Think of metallic pants, colored trousers, and even modern boots that will look great in trench coats.

classic knit sweater with flared pants classic sweater with modern white pants

Also, a classic knitted sweater is classic and timeless that can look great with modern outfits. You have the option to pair it with flared pants, skinny jeans, dressy trousers, and white denim to make it modern. Be sure to select the fitted pieces that flatter your figure and avoid oversized sweaters that look frumpy and slouchy for your modern classic style.

modern classic colorful outfit yellow and orange modern classic outfit yellow skirt with classic button down shirt

If classic colors like neutrals look boring, then give your style a modern twist by opting for bold and fun colors. Just stick to classic items such as trench coats, sweaters, pencil skirts, button down shirts and pick the colors that make you happy. Like Angie, she sticks to classic feel but keeps it modern with a loud preference of colors.

asymmetrical blouse with cropped jacket asymmetrical blouse with classic pants

Also, you can play with cuts, textures, and styles to keep the classic modern feel going. Mismatch textures to create visual interest as the more dramatic the contrast, the more modern it will look. Like Angie, opt for asymmetrical cuts and textures and pair it with classic pieces. This way, you’re nailing the modern classic look smartly and fashionably.

As what Angie showed us, you can still look classic and timeless when opting for modern pieces. Be stylish and fabulous and nail the modern classic style.


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