Anastasiia Masiutkina: Funky Summer Look

Summer is the best time to play with prints and patterns, jazz up your style for a funkier look, and add some color to bring some fun. Keep in mind that summer is a festival season, so add in bright prints, patterns, images, and abstract prints. While you have to choose just how fun you want to be based on your personal style, there are tons of ways to make your outfits funkier.

Anastasiia Masiutkina is a TV journalist, model, and the style blogger behind the blog Eat Dress Travel. In her blog, she shares her personal style, travel around the world, and her positive inspirations. Anastasiia is fond of wearing fun and funky clothes to show off her cool and funky style. Let’s have a peek on her funky summer look to be inspired on how to dress that perfectly capture the fun this summer.

colorful sandals

funky sneakers chevron printed clutch

You can start small by sporting on funky accessories. Accessories can make or break any attire, so make sure it complements your style. You have a much broader range of selections to choose from and can go with anything from funky bags to broad-brimmed hats. Funky shoes such as flip-flops, geometric print sneakers, and colorful sandals are an easy trick to give a fun touch to your outfit. Reflect on what the weather is like in the summer, wear clothes you are comfortable with, and then pick something accordingly. Just take into account to match your accessories to the style of your outfits, and then be natural and interesting.

animal pattern pink top chicken patterned dress cute handbag funky animal shirt

You may add a twist on wearing animal prints. Though you may wear in leopard, zebra, or snake’s skin prints patterns, you may want to try animal funky prints just like what Anastasiia did. Incorporate funky animal prints more softly in your accessories — purse or scarf. If your style can’t be tamed, go head to toe in fascinating animal print with a fun, funky animal patterned dress. Since this is a trending pattern for summer, you’ll find a great deal of clothing items having these funky prints. Incorporating them in your wardrobe is a fierce way to wear an outfit with fun.

pixel flower print dress tree print dress yellow floral dress red flower print sleeves

Flower and tree print perfectly capture the essence of summer. Floral and tree prints allow you to instantly coordinate natural beauty into your style. So, go bold with richer colors and a more identified floral print. Darker colors allow your outfit to make a more strong impression. Capture the delicate, relaxed feel of this print by seeking for pieces that reflect the colors of red, black, and blue. It presents more graceful feature to the attire, so think about selecting ultra-feminine items like skirts and dresses for this pattern style.

red funky jumpsuit geometric structured dress floral and peacock texture blazer ribbon printed pajamas abstract print top

Opt for unconventional, abstract, and kaleidoscope-inspired shapes. Layer your outfit with different textures and abstract pattern to create a funky look. It’s welcoming, creative, and eye-catching way to punch up a basic outfit.

Summer is the perfect time to play with your look. So, take pleasure in the warm weather while it lasts and dress yourself in clothes that suit your style.




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