Amber Clark: Style Inspiration for Mom’s Day Out with Kids

Being a busy mom taking care of the kids, it’s all too easy to keep throwing on mom’s uniforms such as leggings, shirts, and sweatshirts day after day. While it’s totally casual and cool, it’s also fun to embrace what you’re wearing from time to time being stylish in functional, fashionable, and playing-with-the-kids friendly outfits. Let’s have a mom-on-the-go style inspiration.

A mom style blogger from New York, Amber Clark is the mind behind Barefoot Blonde. In her blog, she documents her feminine style, casual street looks, and easy mom’s outfit on her day outs with her one-year-old son, Atticus. Look at her mom-on-the-go outfits to stay chic and laid-back on your trip adventure with your kids.

black sneakers orange bag

red sneakers black sneakers

For a sporty cool look, sport your fashion runners and sneakers with jeans and a loose shirt. Invest in colored shirts that are thick enough to offer coverage and structure to your style. When choosing jeans, you may go for skinny and stretchable trousers that are highly functional and comfortable when walking and carrying your kids compared to other styles of jeans. You may keep your outfit in neutral shades and wear a pop of color in accessories like an orange bag to add some interest to your plain style. Stylish sneakers are great for an all black attire as it will be your statement piece. Just polish your look with statement sunglasses.

green and blue printed dress red stripes red checks black on black

If you wish to add some colors in your day out with kids, you may wear a matching color in your outfits if possible. For the easiest fix, wear all black – maybe a black shirt dress for you and a black tee for your child. If you’re sporting a green coat and blue denim jeans, let your child wear even a green beanie and a blue jacket. Or if you may, wear different prints in the same color such as red check print pants for you and a red striped shirt for your kid or a dark blue printed dress for you and a checkered shirt for you him.

stripes match stripes and jeans

If wearing colors is not your thing, then sport same prints and pattern together even in non-matching colors. You may wear stripes in neutral shades such as black and white while you child in a blue and yellow or blue and white stripes. These outfits will create amazing contrast and bring interest to your mom-and-kids uniform.

game uniform hat in gray mickey mouse rubber boots

For a more adorable mother-and-child style, sport same accessories such as rubber boots, hats, headpieces, raincoats, jackets, and such. Just pick a kid’s version of your accessories, wear it together, and you’re good to go. If you love watching games with your kids, both wear a baseball cap and jersey like Amber did. She even wore a Minnie mouse headband and a Mickey mouse headpiece for his baby. It’s really cute especially when your baby saw you wearing a cute Minnie mouse ears ‑‑ it’s like he saw his favorite cartoon character from the television show he’s watching.

feminine dress lace dress orange dress white dress

For a feminine touch to your style, wear a feminine dress. You may opt for pastel shades, lace fabrics, cottony soft dresses, and whatever style that gives you comfort. Opt for flat ballet shoes or flat sandals for a great comfort.

There are so many ways to spice up your mom’s uniforms and it looks better when paired with a kid’s version of your outfit. Have some fun and enjoy your day out with your kids.


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