Amazing Henna Tattoo Designs You’ll Want to Get Right Now

Coming to the decision of getting a tattoo somehow seems easier for the guys that it is for us ladies and I think one of the biggest reasons why we think it over so many times for so long is because we know that once we’re inked, it’s there forever (unless you want to go through the pain of tat removal, that is). For all the ladies out there who are unsure about getting a tattoo and what to get a good glimpse of what they would look like with ink on, why not try henna? Here are some amazing henna tattoo designs you’ll want to get right now.

  • INDIAN BRIDAL HENNA – in India, getting a henna tattoo before the wedding is a traditional thing for most brides. The designs are usually on the hands and sometimes on the feet, too, and the designs are usually very intricate which is perfect if you are looking for a henna tattoo design to suit your dainty and feminine style.

indian bridal henna

indian bridal tattoo indian tattoo for brides

  • ANGEL WINGS – if you’re into the really big and bold tattoos, how about going for a pair of angel wings on your back? These is a great design that you can go for if you want a statement piece that you can also easily cover up so you won’t have any issues with it at the workplace or a school. Plus, angel wings are always a great choice for women.

angel wings angel wings tattoo

  • LOTUS FLOWER – a lotus flower can mean many different things including divine beauty and purity. If it is portrayed during the stage of opening its petals, it may also mean soul expanding and spiritual awakening. Lady yogis love this tattoo design not only because of its meaning but also because it’s really pretty and feminine.

lotus flower design lotus flower henna tattoo lotus flower with sanskrit

  • FEATHER – feathers are pretty popular when it comes to tattoo designs, especially among girls. Feathers symbolize purity (of heart, usually) among other things and this is the perfect tattoo to go for if you don’t want too much of that ‘macho’ vibe that usually comes from getting inked. Going for colored henna? How about a peacock feather instead? It’s majestic beauty is the perfect henna tattoo design for those who love all things pretty.

feather tattoo small

  • DREAM CATCHER – lastly, if you’re looking for something really intricate with lots of different elements incorporated into it, how about going for a dream catcher design? You can get really creative with this one and have as many ornaments as you like and it’ll still look fab.

dream catcher henna dreamcatcher design on ribs

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