Amanda Brohman: Preppy Fashion Style

There is a misunderstanding of being preppy means being snobby as the expensive attires and accessories they wear came into judgment. However, this impression can be very easy to attain if you are looking pretentious and not careful about on how you dress. So, are you wondering how to be successful in getting the preppy fashion style without looking snobbish? Let’s have a fashion inspiration.

preppy sweater with skirt

A style blogger from Sweden, Amanda Brohman is known for her preppy fashion style as you can always spot the preppy of she’s wearing. Depending on her, she can be identified as grunge preppy, sophisticated preppy, girly-preppy and so on. Started her blog in 2011, it serves as her creative outlet for preppy outfits such as feminine dresses, clumsy shoes, knits, and peeking out collars as her trademark items for her style.

preppy outfit with gold accessories

When building a preppy wardrobe, figure out what colors look good on you. Popular preppy colors include neutrals such as beige, brown, white, black, and navy as well as bright colors such as yellow, hot pink, and lime green. Opt for the right fit as you look preppy in an outfit that is too loose or unflatteringly tight. Remember, preppy style is all about looking smart so make sure you look is classic and not trashy.

brown belt in cute dress orange dress peach jumpsuit preppy blue outfit preppy dress with cute sandals preppy dress with cute shoes

For a girly-preppy style, opt for A-line dresses with sleeves. Though preppy style is known for being decent and conservative, plunging necklines and sexy body-con dresses are not fitted into the category. You’re trying to imitate a school girl style in a modern and fashionable way so avoid anything too flashy or revealing. Also, your top shouldn’t be backless, skirts should be at a reasonable length, and nothing should look baggy. Like Amanda, you may wear a cute dress and pair it with school shoes style like black platform styles. To add some sophistication to your look, opt for elegant fabrics like velvet, satin, wool, or even lace and pair it with platform sandals or wedges.

baseball cap with metallic skirtsporty shoes with preppy dress tennis dress outfit

For a sporty preppy look, you may wear some sport related items such as baseball caps, varsity jacket, sports uniform, sneakers and such. Amanda creatively wore a baseball cap with a basic tee and metallic skirt and a tennis uniform style dress with wedges. Also, wearing anklets or ankle bands keep the sporty theme going and yet still looks preppy.

cute preppy outfit sweater with boyfriend jeans

Denim touches are indeed a trademark of a casual look. Why not sport some denim items such as overalls, jeans, chambray shirts, and such with your preppy garments? This way, you’ll recreate a casual preppy style in a cool and fresh way without looking overdone.

boho outfit with preppy shoes boho preppy outfit

Bohemian touches such as tassels, fringes, tiers, are a great addition to your preppy look. Like Amanda, you may wear your bohemian dress with a preppy shawl or shoes. Also, keeping your hair in a bohemian style will also add to the looks. Just mix your bohemian items like a skirt with tiers and fringed bag with preppy garments like knit sweaters and school shoe style.

velvet skirt grunge preppy outfit

For a grunge preppy style, you may sport some accessories with grunge touches such as skulls, spikes, studs, or even corsets. Also, velvet skirts, leather jackets, black leggings and such are great as well. Just blend it with your preppy shoes, knitted tops, belts, and shoulder bags to keep the theme going.

If you want to keep your style classic, demure, and innocent, preppy fashion style is for you. Just be creative in showing off your individuality through pieces you’re going to mix with the style. Whether feminine, sophisticated, sport, bohemian, or grunge your style is, preppy fashion style is for you.

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