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Alpha glitter powder in gold and silver – review and swatches

Alpha glitter powder- review and swatches!

I luurrvvee sparkly eye makeup. It looks a bit OTT with western wear, but with Indian wear, I never miss a chance to use glitter on my eyes.I have alpha glitter powder in two shades- silver and gold. I’ve never needed any other colors since most of the Indian wear has some sort of work  in either of the two colors.silver-Alpha-glitter-powder

Coming to the texture, these glitters are very fine and not chunky at all. I use them on top of my eyeshadows, with a wet brush. There is hardly any fall out and a little goes a long way!
 Alpha-glitter-powder-review (1)
 Alpha glitter powder in gold and silver  swatches :
Now for the swatches, I have used a lot of the glitter powder, to show you the exact color. But, usually, the little bit that is on the cover of the jars is enough for both eyes.
I dont remember the exact price, but it was somewhere between Rs.100 to Rs.150 for each jar.
If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, good quality glitter powder, these are for you. I have been using them for a long time and have never faced any problems.
The only con, according to me, would be the availability. I got these from a wholesale beauty shop close to my place. These are not available online or in malls.
My rating -9/10. Highly recommended if you can get your hands on them!