All White Looks You Can Wear After Memorial Day Weekend

With today’s fashionistas becoming bolder and more experimental, many fashion ‘rules’ are being ignored – and it’s not entirely a bad thing. Sporting an all white ensemble, for example, used to be something you do only on Memorial Day or Memorial Day weekend. Today, you can wear all white outfits anytime you want and no one will bat an eye. Speaking of all white, check out these super chic all white looks you can wear after Memorial Day weekend.

  • MODEL OFF DUTY – this look from Kendall is the ultimate all-white outfit goal. Super posh, super chic. That slitted top looks fab and those high waisted pants under are the perfect match. Let’s not forget about the shoes in the perfect matching color and that cute little Celine mini luggage.

kendall jenner all white

  • THE BOHO LIFE – here’s a great Boho look from Alexa Chung that you can wear anywhere – from the beach to the mall. This gorgeous pleated dress has the perfect casual, relaxed and laidback summer vibe that’s a must in any Boho look.

alexa chung boho alexa chung boho white dress

  • GET MATCHY – this summer, it’s time to get matchy-matchy and what better way to do that than in white? Here’s a fab look from Zoe Kravitz that’s sure to get you in the mood for a cute crop top and skirt set.

zoe kravitz

  • PURE CHICNESS – white has always been the color of purity and that is just what Emma Stone’s look is all about. This gorgeous all-white ensemble is the perfect one to wear to the office. It’s soft and feminine but it still has that posh look to it that would give off major #girlboss vibes anytime.

emma stone office chic emma stone

  • LADYLIKE STYLE – if you’re all about the soft and lady like looks, this outfit from Jessica Alba is sure to tickle your fancy and inspire your next outfit. This lacy all white outfit is the perfect outfit for a summer day date. Also, this gorgeous eyelet dress on Olivia Palermo would be the perfect weekend outfit for any girl who loves feminine looks.

jessica alba olivia palermo

  • LADY BOSS – if you think white is too pure and too soft of a color to pull off the lady boss look, think again! This outfit from Zoe Zaldana proves just the opposite. White gives her suit a nice, edgy vibe and those striped shoes she paired it up with gave it so much personality.

zoe zaldana

  • SUMMER STREET STYLE – let’s not forget that amazingly simple but chic all white outfit that Kylie Jenner once wore to a red carpet event. The teen fashionista went for a refreshingly simple and sexy white dress which she paired up with white lace up heels, creating a stunning street style summer look.

kylie street style

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