Alexandra Guerain: Casual-Chic Street Style

Casual chic is a great street style option if you want to get laid-back and stylish without looking overdone. The key is just to mix casual with chic pieces to create the ideal style. This will vamp your style up a notch letting you look put together while wearing the comfiest pieces of your wardrobe. Casual chic street looks are ideal for dressing in attending casual parties, running errands, and even getting together with friends. Looking for inspiration? Let’s be inspired by a style blogger’s casual chic way of dressing in everyday means.

animal print pumps

A French blogger that jet sets between Paris and Montréal, Alexandra Guerain is known for her casual-chic style that is always comfortable. Her style feminine flair with an edge that could be described as masculine – is impressive as it remains chic though she rarely wears heels and love sneakers on her street looks. Started her blog in 2012, Alex’s Closet serves as an instrument to share her passions, sharp looks, inspirations, and journeys that nourish her style to her readers.

chic lace up sandals chic sunglasses and accessories

When aiming for accessories, look for chic pieces to add some class to your casual outfit like, hair accessories, scarves sunglasses, formal watches, structured bag, statement heels, elegant clutch, and some sophisticated jewelry. Metallic jewelry like gold, silver, or bronze is a great option for giving a chic touch to your casual outfit. Though dressing casual chic may mean giving up some high heeled shoes – though you can still sport some as long as they keep you comfortable – ballet flats, flat sandals, comfy boots, or even sneakers are a more comfortable choice that can still boost your casual style. This style is versatile as you may do some experiments depending on how “dressy” you want your street looks to be.

button down shirt with denim skirt chic top with long cardigan lace crop top with white outfit off shoulder top with high waist pants turtleneck sweater

When it comes to tops, you can create casual chic looks by wearing chic and sexy styles like off shoulder tops, lace crop tops, button-down shirts, and even structured cardigan. Just dress down your outfit by teaming your chic tops with more casual pieces like denim or leather bottoms. Also, casual tops like sweaters, denim jacket, chambray shirts, tank tops, and such can be dressed up by chic classic pieces like pencil skirts, sleek suit, feminine shoes, and a structured bag. Remember, a casual chic look must not be in one style head-to-toe, but contrasting pieces keep you balanced in your outfit.

denim jeans with trench coat denim skirt with leather jacket distressed denim with chic outfit fringe leather skirt with chic top

Boyfriend jeans or denim skirts in a distressed style scream the casual feel. Alex wore a leather jacket with a denim skirt and wore lace-up heels to add some chic feel to her casual outfit. You may creatively layer your outfit in the way that fits your style. So, team them with chic pieces such as feminine blouses, trench coats, feminine shoes, fedora hats and such to dress them up. Khaki trousers and leather skirts are a great alternative to denim jeans and skirts as it’s basically considered more “dressy” than denim and add some edge to your looks.

tassled denim cardigan matching crop top and shorts dressy romper with sneakers chic top with shortalls chic dress with ripped jeans

Denim jumpsuits and overalls scream a casual feel so dress them up with chic accessories and a chic top like Alex did. When the fabric of your dress or romper is made of lace, chiffon, and other chic materials, then dress them down by sporting casual footwear like sneakers for instance. You have to be tasteful in dressing up and dressing down your looks to achieve that desired casual chic style.

As we have seen through Alex’s style, casual chic isn’t just a street style but a lifestyle. Just make sure not to neglect your personal style in trying to fit in with the current trends but instead, be comfortable enough to create the looks and style that perfectly suit your mood.


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