Alexander Gąsiorowska: Street Chic Fashion Style

Though dressing street chic may be challenging, some women look effortlessly chic every single day while being true to their individuality and fashion taste. The mind behind the “Alma in Wildfox” blog, Alexander Gąsiorowska is known for her street chic fashion style with a mix of various style influences and cultures. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to dress street chic, keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

chic outfit with satchel bag

chic outfit with statement clutch pearl necklace with cute structured bag and black dress structured bag and black wedges with white outfit

Before looking for street chic inspiration, remember to cultivate your own sense of aesthetic as everyone is unique, and everyone has diverse tastes. Like Alexander, know what you like in music, literature, movies and art and simply incorporate these influences into your style. You may start by incorporating accessories like hats, sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, belts, bags, scarves and shoes that suit your personality. When done right, accessorizing can be your best technique into looking street chic.

denim jeans with chic blazer denim outfit with sneakers flared denim jeans with loose top white jeans with chic coat and sweater skinny jeans with lightweight coat and tee

Stick to the basics and build your way up from there. V-necked tees in basic colors, knit tank tops, chic cardigans, a pair of jeans in a dark wash and such can be a great starting point to create a variety of looks. To dress up your jeans, stick to chic ensembles like a feminine blazer, chic blouse, cashmere sweater, or even a wool coat that can balance your too casual outfit. To make them look more casual, loose tops, simple tees, tank tops, sneakers, and such are great to achieve your desired casual cool looks.

coat dress with heels gray V neck dress with floral headband pastel dress with chic necklace pink dress with neon pumps royal blue shift dress with sandals chic sunglasses with street chic outfit

For a feminine way of looking street chic, pick the colors of skirts and dresses that look good on you. Sometimes it can be dependent on your skin tone, hair color, and eye color that you may wish to consider. No matter how you love black and darker shades, if you have a pale skin tone, it won’t look great on you. Alexander opted for colors that look great on her and the result is a flattering street chic statement.

leather skirt with sweater and lace up heels button down shirt with leather shorts leather trousers with chic top and studded boots

You can get the street chic looks even when wearing leather items. Just pair them with chic ensembles rather than grungy and punk ones. A knitted sweater, a lightweight button down shirt, or even a floor length cardigan can easily balance your edgy looks. Remember, the key to being street chic is balance, so learn about proportion. Whenever Alexander is wearing a loose top, she pairs it with a tight bottom. So, if you’re wearing something baggy on the bottom, go with a form fitting top.

blazer with chic outfit and white pumps pink coat with all white outfit coat with casual outfit

Whatever you’re wearing on your street look, you can easily make them look chic by throwing a structured and chic coat, blazer, or cardigan to polish your looks. Layers will be more flattering to those straight body types adding more volume to their frame. However, be careful piling on layers if you’re petite as it may only swamp your figure making you look shorter and smaller.

Whatever mood you’re into, and whatever personality you wish to show off, make your street chic fashion style a means of expressing your individuality and values.

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