Aleksandra Szymiczek: Stylish Ways to Wear Classic Patterns and Prints

Wearing patterns and prints is a great way to add some dimension, texture, and uniqueness to whatever you’re wearing. Classic prints such as stripes, plaids, polka dots, houndstooth, tartan, and even animal prints are a great trick when you’re already tired wearing colors. Since many variations of patterns and prints exist nowadays, make it your advantage to wear your clothes in a dynamic and stylish way.

From Wodzisław Śląski, Poland, Aleksandra Szymiczek is known for her great style featuring classic prints and patterns on her daily outfit. Started Rozalia Fashion blog in 2013, Aleksandra shares her personal style, thoughts on fashion, inspirations, and lifestyle with her readers.

houndstooth scarf with classic outfit

tartan shawl with white coat zebra print scarf with classic outfit

For the easiest trick to wearing classic prints and patterns, opt for a high-quality shawl or scarf to pair with your casual outfit. Aleksandra opted for houndstooth, tartan, and zebra print with her coats and jeans outfit. These prints in shawl are highly versatile to match with your outfit especially when you’re just wearing neutral shades or monochrome palette. Of all the classic prints, a houndstooth pattern will make your style more aggressive and intense so if you are not at ease with it from the start, you can begin on small patterns like wearing a houndstooth pattern on your shawl.

striped shoes with casual outfit striped shoes with with classic outfit

Your footwear can really make a statement when you opted for classic prints in them. Aleksandra preferred classic pumps with striped design to complement her casual-chic looks. Though considered as classic pattern, stripes have both modern and classic feel that you can easily incorporate with your modern and classic ensembles.

check print dress plaid dress with cardigan striped dress with cute hat striped maxi dress

If you’re a dressy type of girl, you may wear dresses with classic patterns like plaids, stripes, and checks. Just keep your accessories neutral and muted to avoid clashing with your prints. Aleksandra kept her accessories neutral such as wearing a black hat, black boots, and black structured bag with her plaid dress. Tartan plaid pattern consists of traversing bands or stripes of color, almost at right angles. Originally, plaids pattern was created by interweaving various colored threads. Nowadays, the tartan pattern is often printed using dyes with various colors even flashy ones.

striped shirt with white jeans striped shirt with trench coat gingham print shirt with denim jeans classic print shirt with white jeans checkered shirt with skirt checkered shirt with denim pants cardigan with striped shirt

For your top piece, you may look for a basic tee, tank top, or a button down shirt with classic patterns and prints. Aleksandra opted for checks, gingham, stripes, and tartan to add some dimension to her neutral outfit. Just like the neutral shades, these classic patterns should also be treated as a neutral. For instance, the gingham check pattern – the one with white and colored, even-sized checks is one of the most typical, versatile and stylish patterns that can simply be worn with anything. Aleksandra spiced up her gingham check shirt with a fur coat and a structured bag. You may complement your outfit too by opting for ensembles that have the same shade of your prints.

animal print blazer with denim jeans checkered coat with stylish bag houndstooth blazer with black outfit classic print jcoat with jeans

Outerwear such as blazers, jackets, cardigans, vests, and coats are fabulous picks to make a statement with classic patterns. Aside from classic patterns, animal prints are great to show some fierceness while having tamed looks. Leopard, zebra, cheetah, snakeskin, and alligator are stunning prints to see as they have been used to make outfits for a show stopping style. Wearing these animal prints make you stand out from the crowd since it is fierce and exotic.

tartan skirt with black outfit striped pants with casual top striped jogger pants with cardigan plaid skirt with black outfit

For your bottom piece, you may look for skirts, pants, shorts, and skirt with classic prints. Just be careful wearing stripes on your bottom if you’re pear-shaped as horizontal stripes can only make you look heavier. Go for horizontal stripes instead to give you a slim and leaner frame.

As you get accustomed to playing with prints and patterns, you can even mix-and-match them together to create a more artistic look. Classic prints and patterns bring a bit of shape and interest to your style much more than vivid colors can do on their own. So, be tasteful in wearing these creative patterns and make a statement in a classic way.




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