Aimee Song : Denim for Summer

As temperatures rise in the summer, we’re looking at new ways to wear denim. Summer is the perfect time to play with standout denim pieces that can be dressed down for a weekend getaway or a party in the town. Denim has always been linked to work wear and leisure time. As we speak about denim garments, we could say that Aimee Song is a “denim lover”.

aimee song denim shirt white shorts

Los Angeles-based fashion blogger, Aimee Song, accustomed to a year-round warm weather, possesses a natural sense of style – freshness, relaxed, easy and carefree – while still maintaining her signature look. Her blog, Song of Style, has quickly become a go-to for anyone looking for a beach-inspired, warm weather and summer style that look a little bit more attainable, and doesn’t take too much of a toll on your wallet.

aimee song boyfriend blazer denim yellow heels aimee song white bustier top ripped jeans

Because of the weather and the lifestyle, her sense of style is really carefree and easy as she has said. We can see in her looks an essential garment, denim. Aimee’s affinity for gladiator sandals, chunky heels, and denim styling has created functionality to her looks.

aimee song stripe blazer jeans converse sneakers aimee song white shirt denim shorts aimee song pink blazer boyfriend jeans aimee song denim on denim

When looking for summer fashion inspiration, just pick one or two things from someone’s style – patterns, textures and colors ‑ to incorporate into your own style. Let’s have a look at the casual side of Aimee’s style, namely her denim, and know which pieces to pair together when it comes to nailing your day-to-day outfit choices.

sailor inspired top aimee song denim and red jeans aimee song

Denim, a sturdy cotton that only gets better with age, suits every budget and never goes out of style. “Denim is such a huge part of my wardrobe and my collection keeps growing and growing,” Aimee said in her blog post. “A big part of it is practicality… I always make sure my outfit can do multiple things.” As we all agree, denim shorts are so easy to wear! You can be ready for the summer more than a simple white button down and denim shorts. It was the perfect casual and comfortable look if you’re running errands around all day.

Where once the only choices on offer were denim shorts, now, you can have your pick on denim where jackets, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits are already available. For a playful take on the style, try a denim jumpsuit. Layer it over a thin shirt on hot days when you want something breathable but more ladylike. The good idea is to pair crop tops with high-waisted bottoms. The effect is the illusion of a slimmer waist; even you don’t have your abs yet.

denim shorts aimee song aimee song white denim overalls aimee song denim green overallshat white top denim shorts aimee song

The creative way to wear denim is the denim dress. There are a lot of styling options for denim dresses: belt it, roll up the sleeves, or simply wear it loosely around the body. A denim dress is more elegant option to take advantage of the fabric’s natural stiffness for a sleek look.

denim dress aimee songaimee song white denim dress tibi heels

Forget plain and simple by learning how to mix and match your accessories. According to Aimee, ‘proportion’ is the key. “Layering dainty necklaces look better than piling on too many statement necklaces,” she said. And indeed, summer is the perfect season for layering accessories when you are least dressed. As your accessories give a touch of color and style, it also polishes your look.

Denim is to be embraced this summer. Remember, the next time you pull on your favorite denim, you’re the height of fashion this summer.


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