Agent Provocateur Strip perfume review

Agent Provocateur Strip  perfume review – the ultimate Valentine’s Day perfume :

If there’s one thing that never fails to appeal to me, it’s vintage or burlesque-inspired lingerie. In my mind (where my show-girl alter ego resides) it’s how I would love to dress every single day; wearing lacy stockings and garter belts under all manner of pretty, vintage dresses. Also, I want to live in a word where I can wear hats every day…but that’s another story.



On the topic of my love for all things old-school sexy, my fragrant tastes in this area run towards amber scents. I’m not sure what it is about amber but I find these warm scents to be incredibly attractive. There’s just something so inviting and sensual about them! A few of the amber scents that I love include (the recently purchased) Hermes Hermessence Ambre Narguilé and my old favourites Balmain Amber Gris and Estee Lauder Youth Dew Amber Nude.

Being that it’s Valentine’s Day I automatically wanted to wear something sexy, despite the fact that J and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day other than writing a nice card or splitting a good bottle of red. I choose Agent Provocateur Strip to be my (aptly named) sexy scent for today and, in all its red fishnet-printed bottle glory, it feels just right for the occasion.

Strip was a limited edition release from the ultra-luxe Agent Provocateur line, whose scents are high up on my list of loves (check out my review of Eau Emotionelle) and it certainly fits in with their sensual aesthetic. Strip lacks the more vintage feel of the original Agent Provocateur, taking on a warm, floral oriental feel instead.

trip starts out a little dirty, some wonderful earthy notes mix with oily florals to make a delightfully naughty opening. In keeping with the whole image of Agent Provocateur, Strip feel slightly animalistic yet it never goes so far as to frighten off those who like their perfumes with minimal skank. Soon after the opening begins to quieten down, warm amber floods this fragrance turning it into a come hither scent.

Ultimately, Strip ends up being an enticing combination of amber, musk and woods which melts into the skin beautifully. It feels as though it was made to be worn in close contact, it becomes part of the skin rather than simply an enhancement. Despite the earthy opening, Strip is a bit of a people pleaser in the end and is, perhaps, less daring than the original Agent Provocateur fragrance. This doesn’t stop me wishing that Strip was not a limited release, as it certainly deserves more love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Are you doing anything special for V’Day and what scent have you chosen? Please share in the comment section. 

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