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Affordable Lipsticks: NYC Lipstick Review

Budget not allowing for $14-25 lipsticks?
There is a cheap alternative, while still maintaining beautiful quality.While browsing the drugstore, I noticed that these NYC lipsticks are only 93 cents, and come in a very wide variety of colors that seemingly fit a variety of skin tones.Naturally, for 93 cents, it doesn’t matter if they work or not, it’s something to try out and review, and if it doesn’t work, it’s only three dollars.

The shades I picked up (L to R)
309 B- Sheer Red
312- Chiffon
301 B- CafeSheer Red is just as it sounds, a beautiful shimmery red. This is not too pigmented, but in some ways that can be a good thing. You don’t always want an extremely dramatic red lip.
 Chiffon seems to be a mix between Viva Glam Gaga and M.A.C’s Opal. It’s very light and shimmery, while maintaining a hint of pink. I wore this today, and it worked out very well, the color was beautiful, but did take a little layering.
 Cafe is a gorgeous champagne bronze. It, too, is lightly pigmented, which gives a nice glow to your lips if you’re not seeking drama. Along with Chiffon, it can make a nice color to apply on top of another to make it more shimmery, or to lessen the drama of the previous color.
Onto the formula and the more exciting part.My first thought was for 93 cents, how good can a lipstick be?
I was actually quite impressed.
Granted they aren’t very pigmented, but like I said, sometimes you don’t always want a dramatic lip!
Also, the staying power is pretty impressive. I didn’t touch up at all during my classes and it still remained on my lips.Onto the Negatives. There always has to be a few 🙁

First of all, the packaging of these lipsticks isn’t ideal. It’s very cheap plastic, and very easy to break, so be careful!

Second, the lipsticks have a different smell to them, when I first smelt it I immediately thought of the cheap lip glosses you used to get when you were five… that came with Barbie. It’s sort of a plastic smell.

Third, the colors definitely do not hold up through any sort of lip contact… so if you plan to eat/drink/kiss etc. you better bring the lipstick with you to touch up.

Overall, I would rate this product in the B- range… although I love the colors and the and quality the packaging could be a little better, and the pigmentation isn’t quite there yet, but well on it’s way.

Have you tried NYC Lipsticks?
What were your thoughts?