Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser review

Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser review : Aesop skincare is a very new addition to my regime, a few weeks back I purchased the Fabulous Face Cleanser and so far I have been loving it!

Normally, I’m not a foaming cleanser kinda gal; they tend to dehydrated my dry skin and leave me feeling tight and uncomfortable. I mostly stick to cream or oil cleansers, but sometimes I don’t feel ‘clean’ after using them. On days where I wear foundation, I now double cleanse using an oil cleanser to remove the make-up and the my Aesop cleanser to clean the skin. I was concerned that a two-cleanse process would dry my skin out further but it hasn’t. In face my skin appears less prone to congestion on the forehead than before, bonus!


Product details:

The Fabulous Face Cleanser is low foaming, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a more gentle cleanse. The gel itself is thick and spreads easily around the face, yet doesn’t build up a foamy lather like most liquid cleansers do. It doesn’t strip or dehydrate the skin, which makes it a perfect option for dry skin-types.

Aesop states that this cleanser is suitable for sensitive, combination or dry skin and I did not experience any irritation with the formulation. As with the rest of the Aesop range, it has a wonderful botanical scent including notes of bergamot rind, chamomile bud and rosemary leaf. If you’re not into herbal-type scents, I would recommend having a sniff in-store first as you may find it over powering.


The cleanser’s bottle is made form glass, so be very careful with it. The sales assistant gave me a pump to use, which makes it easy to dispense the correct amount.


The Fabulous Face Cleanser comes in two sizes: a 100ml for $31AUD and 200ml for $47AUD.

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