Adriana Gastélum: How to Make Statement Looks with Leather

Leather has been back in a big way, and it’s no longer just for bikers and bad boys. Leather jackets, trousers, shorts, skirts, and vests are now available in a variety of styles, cuts, and colors in women’s clothing. Though it may seem dressy and stiff, leather is actually a very versatile and a statement fabric. Wondering how to create statement looks with leather? Let’s have a style inspiration.

Mexican born and raised, but now living in Barcelona, Spain, Adriana Gastélum is known for her street looks dominant of leather ensembles and a mix of designer pieces with affordable ones. No wonder, her blog was named as Fake Leather that serves as her outlet for expressing her interest on fashion and her high-quality yet wearable outfits on a daily basis.

leather bag with all black outfit

leather boots with all black outfit

If you’re still hesitant to wear a leather statement ensemble, accessorize with leather like a pair of leather boots or leather bag with your casual outfit. Also, leather gloves, leather cuffs, and even headbands are a creative way to incorporate the edgy fabric in your style. Just decide whether you’ll go for a casual or dressy looks.

distressed jeans with leather jacket leather cullotes with denim jacket

For a casual feel, pair your leather ensemble with anything denim. Think of denim vests, jackets, jeans, and even shorts that will contrast with the fabric of leather. Contrast leather with another fabric. Just avoid wearing leather with a leather or other similar fabrics, such as suede or sheepskin as contrast creates a more interesting look to your style. You won’t feel comfortable if you’re trying too hard to look tough or urban and the key to wearing leather that creates a statement looks is to slip it effortlessly into an outfit.

leather top with skinny jeans brown blazer with leather trousers gray blazer with black leather pants

For smart casual looks, pair your leather with a neutral colored garment to keep the statement muted and subtle. Neutral shades such as brown, black, white, gray, and even navy are neutrals that go well with leather fabric. Adriana just simply wore a cream turtleneck top with a camel colored blazer and sported black leather trousers with her stylish boots. For a timeless style, you may stick to the motifs of black and white and play with textures on your outfit.

checkered coat with leather jogger pants gingham coat with leather trousers plaid skirt with leather jacket

Wear just one article of leather clothing at a time. Though wearing all black can be slimming and sophisticated, adding other colors to your leather ensemble in the form of prints can be great. Classic prints with leather ensembles are a great statement. Think of plaids, checks, polka dots, tartan, gingham, houndstooth and such that will complement your statement looks. Just stick to neutral colors when teaming your leather ensembles as the leather and classic prints are a statement themselves.

fur coat with leather trousers leather skirt with black top leather skirt with printed jacket leather trousers with business outfit

Leather certainly makes a statement, but bold statements aren’t always appreciated at work. So when wearing leather at the office, counteract its boldness to be an office-friendly outfit. To optimize your leather ensemble for work, wear a sharp blazer in a neutral shade and accessorize in a moderate way – maybe some silver accessories and a professional handbag will do. Also, fur coats, elegant blouse, and a structured blazer will be great for dressing up your leather ensembles for work. A leather dress can be a perfect balance of conservative and edgy style suitable for work. Just throw on a blazer to tame its edgy statement.

leather jogger pants leather shorts with red pumps leather skirt with lace up shoes olive green leather skirt

Pick one or two pieces you will wear since leather is so glossy and smooth that makes a statement however you wear it. For a sexy look, wear your leather bottoms with crop tops like Adriana did. Just throw on a jacket or a blazer if baring your midriff is too much for you. Also, a plunging neckline of your blouse will give an understated sexiness you’re aiming for. Always wear leather pieces suited for your body type as it is clingy and form-fitting by nature that can sometimes accentuate your curves and even bulges.

Leather is a statement itself and the way you style and wear them is a more edgy way to make a fashion statement. Be sexy and edgy and make statement looks with leather like no other.




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