Add a Bohemian Flair to Your Urban Looks with Aida Domenech

If you’re living in the big city, you might have that urban style that resorts to leather ensembles, skinny jeans, and ankle boots. However, it can easily look plain and boring so you may think of adding some twist to your daily look that can be achieved by mixing your basic pieces with bohemian ones. Mind behind the Dulceida blog, Aida Domenech is a style blogger known for her urban looks with a mix of bohemian accents. If you wish to update your city style, keep on reading to get some of her tricks.

Think of breezy and carefree silhouettes that will add some personality to your city style.

bell sleeved top with jeans

retro floral pring bohemian dress bohemian matching set with leather jacket

Urban looks may be known for structured pieces and streamlined silhouettes, but it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of carefree touch to your looks. Like Aida, you may think of trading your basic tee with a bell sleeved top to update your white jeans a bit. Or, make your leather jacket a bit carefree with a bohemian top and flared pants that will still fit in the urban look. This way, you’ll update your urban look with a feminine and carefree flair.

Resort to peep-toes, grunge boots, and even lace-up flats that look edgy at the same time sexy.

grunge boots with boho chic outfit retro floral print skirt with crop top and peep toe boots lace up shoes with loose top and ripped jeans

Shoes can make or break your outfit. Ankle boots and over the knee boots may be the go-to shoes of city dwelling women, but can actually add some flair with peep-toes, grunge boots, and even lace-up flats. Like Aida, think of a pair of lace up flats that will add some feminine and carefree look to your ripped jeans and off shoulder top. Or, think of cut-out boots or grunge boots that will add some edgy vibe to your plain shirtdress like Aida did.

Add some personality with bohemian prints.

flannel shirt with frayed shorts retro floral dress with leather jacket plaid coat with casual outfit

Stripes may be timeless but bohemian prints like retro floral and plaid will give you that carefree look. Like Aida, you may simply top your casual tee and skinny jeans with a plaid coat that will change up your look effortlessly. Spring may be the perfect time to show off your bright patterns, but if you’re a black-and-white type of girl, you can still wear the ambiance of the season with retro floral patterns that can still channel your bohemian vibe.

Be creative yet a bit unexpected on your street looks.

fishnet tights with bohemian outfit breezy skirt with sneakers and leather jacket animal print skirt with eccentric top

Bohemian style is known for unexpected layers and eccentric silhouettes, so don’t be afraid to try new things and know what works for you. If you’re not a fan of free-flowing ensembles, you may go for a frilly or an eccentric top that will look modern at the same time urban inspired when worn with your leopard print skirt and oxfords like Aida did. By heeding these tricks from Aida, you’ll make your urban style bohemian-inspired while staying true to your individuality.

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