Accessories to Own to Get a Hippie Chic Look

A hippie chic look is one of the best styles to have today. With the resurgence of the 70’s trends, you will never get wrong with this popular craze. Get in retro style by investing in these accessories that can help you achieve a hippie chic look.

Floppy Hat

Even if it’s not hot outside, a hippie chic look almost always requires a pretty floppy hat. This is one of the best accessories to have, as it can piece your outfit altogether. Remember, UV rays abound, so you’re sure to be safe with a fashionable floppy hat.

brown floppy hat

maroon floppy hat

Leather Necklace

When it comes to a hippie chic look, nothing beats leather – specifically the leather necklace. Because of its timeless style, a leather necklace would surely look good on your outfit – no matter how simple it might be. Remember, you need not purchase an expensive one – as a handcrafted leather necklace would do as well! Remember, it all depends on how you carry yourself.

leather necklace brown leather necklace

Arm Cuff

Accessorizing with bold items can help you achieve a hippie chic look. However, if you want to get the 70’s style spot-on, then make sure to invest in a dazzling arm cuff. Unlike the usual accessories, an arm cuff comes with a surprise style element. Even with a plain sleeveless top or simple dress, an arm cuff can add that retro charm that the 70’s is best known for.

gold arm cuff arm cuff

Fringe Bag

The hippie chic look is all about fringe. Unfortunately, not all of us can get away with the fringe look. However, the best way to complete the 70’s style – even if you detest fringe clothes – is to get a fringe bag. With the many styles available, you will surely find a fringe bag that suits your needs (and personality as well.)

fringe bag brown fringe bag


While boots might be the foremost footwear for a hippie chic look, another thing you should consider is the moccasin. These soft-leather shoes are more than just comfortable, they are very stylish as well! Whether you decide to wear shorts – or a skirt – you can achieve the glamorous hippie chic look with a good pair of moccasins.

moccasin booties brown moccasins

Slide Sandals

Don’t want to wear moccasins? This should come as no problem, as you can still get that hippie chic look with the use of slide sandals. These precious alternatives to thongs and fit flops can elevate your look – while retaining your cute, casual vibe.

brown slide sandals black slide sandals

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