A Vegetarian Traditional Christmas Dinner Menu

A Vegetarian Christmas Dinner Menu vs Non vegetarian ?

I’m hosting our family Christmas lunch this year and I am experiencing a deep internal conflict: TO MEAT OR NOT TO MEAT.  My heart tells me to stay strong and enjoy a vegetarian Christmas, while my tummy tells me, hey, just this once won’t hurt. I decided to put together an amazing vegetarian traditional Christmas dinner menu to prove to myself that it can be done.

Pre-dinner nibbles:

Spiced Sugar Christmas Popcorn Spiced-Sugar-Popcorn

I have the attention span of a piece of lint, so I don’t cope well with sitting down and watching a full feature film. However, it’s easy to talk me into a movie date if you offer me an extra-large bucket of buttered popcorn. I will inhale that shit before the previews are even over. I imagine this is the festive version of that delightful experience.

To start:

Baked Brie with Cherries, Rosemary and AlmondsBaked-Brie-with-Cherries-Rosemary-and-Almonds
This recipe has got just about everything going for it. Baked cheese, fresh cherries, herbs from the garden. It was originally posted on one of my favourite vegetarian food blogs, Fresh365, which has since been deleted. This version seems very similar (if not identical).

A Vegetarian Christmas Dinner –  The main event:

Jamie Oliver’s Best Ever Pistachio and Cranberry Nut RoastJamie Oliver’s Best Ever Pistachio and Cranberry Nut Roast

The humble nut roast. The retro classic. The butt of so very many vegetarian jokes. But. Please trust Jamie Oliver when he says this festive version is the best ever. P.S. Shout out to Jamie for officially saving the roast dinner for vegetarians across the world.

On the side:

Wild Mushroom Gravy Wild-Mushroom-Gravy

The gravy situation is generally dire for vegetarians. This is one of my favourite vegetarian gravy recipes from one of my favourite vegetarian food blogs, Oh My Veggies. Totally meaty.wild_mushroom_gravy_frecipe

Boulangère PotatoesBoulangère Potatoes
I assume boulangère is French for fucking delicious. This recipe for baked sliced potatoes is from the only vegetarian cooking magazine I’ve ever seen in real life, the UK’s Cook Veg.

Roasted Butternut Pumpkin with Sage and Brown ButterRoasted Butternut Pumpkin with Sage and Brown Butter

I’m cheating here by using another recipe from vegetarian food blog Oh My Veggies, but I couldn’t resist this simple combination; there’s only five ingredients, and one of them is salt and pepper.

Golden-Crusted Brussels Sprouts

Golden-Crusted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

I know that Brussels sprouts are a deeply controversial vegetable, but I trust Heidi of the very famous vegetarian food blog 101 Cookbooks to turn out something even the most adamant anti-sprouter would enjoy.


Fig, Raspberry and Ginger Ice Cream CakeFig Raspberry and Ginger Ice Cream Cake                     source
A visually spectacular but fairly foolproof dessert recipe by a fellow Adelaide blogger, Christina from The Hungry Australian (who you may recognise from the video from the last post).

Even if you do eat meat, I hope there’s something here you love. X

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