A Practical Guide to Owning Fewer Clothes

If you often encounter the nothing-to-wear syndrome on your morning dressing, would you believe that owning less clothing would that? The theory behind a capsule wardrobe is a small collection of largely season-less, versatile basics that can be flexible enough to keep you stylish while reducing the number of items you sift through each day. Just keep on reading to scoop our tricks.

  1. Do a closet purge.

button down shirt with suede skirt

trench coat with printed dress flared pants with bell sleeved blouse

If you have a cluttered closet, you need to do a closet purge. It is possible that some items remaining in your closet simply won’t be part of the capsule, but will stay in your wardrobe nonetheless. Just sort your clothes which clothes you love to keep and items needed to discard. Eliminating items you don’t wear can be a liberating, but it’s actually a therapeutic process. We all have one-off items that are worn infrequently for very specific occasions. Just keep those in a separate section of your closet or pushed to the back, so you can display your capsule items in easy-to-access locations.

  1. Identify which timeless pieces you need.

chic skirt with sweater and bomber jacket turtleneck sweater dress with coat striped tee with white jeans

Your capsule wardrobe can contain as few as 35 items as long as you can adjust your needs according to your workplace and lifestyle. Go for timeless pieces and fewer colors on your basics like a striped tee, trench coat, white jeans, and leather jacket. Most of us already have a few favorite colors that we wear most often anyway usually because we like the way we look in them. Choosing to intentionally wear fewer colors means less accessories and less clothing.

  1. Have some key pieces to spice up your basic outfit.

embellished pencil skirt with striped top camel jacket with white dress high low skirt with leather jacket

Owning fewer clothes doesn’t mean looking less fashionable. Most capsule wardrobes will be rooted in neutral colors and classic pieces, but it’s nice to have a few standout pieces with creative details and edge. Think of a statement skirt that will look great with a striped tee, or a pair of printed trousers that can spice up your basic sweater. Those items can still operate as some of your signature staples, despite the fact that they aren’t neutral.

  1. Shop consciously.

chic blazer with ripped jeans casual chic outfit with camel jacket quirky print tee with jeans

There’s no room for impulse purchases in capsule wardrobes, so make sure each piece is deliberate and cohesive. The key is to manage your shopping budget and be practical to buy at certain times of the year. Creating a list of needed items can be great so you’ll shop consciously. Sticking to your list when you’re in stores or browsing online is essential so consider it for a while before making the purchase.

  1. Be creative on your pairings.

printed trousers with black sweater sporty top with asymmetric skirt neon yellow tank top with leather shorts and tropical print blazer

Once you’ve purged and made some strategic purchases, it’s time to take a fresh look at your new collection. Be creative mixing and matching your pieces to create a stylish and functional style. Impress with your character, not your clothes. Remember, people seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile.

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