a night of Self Pampering!

Admit it, we all need our pamper nights. Especially during this time of year, things can get super stressful. Here is my routine to de-stress myself. 

The first thing I do is start running my bath. I LOVE bubble baths for my pamper nights, but the bubble soap can be very pricey, and for someone who doesn’t love the idea of a lavender bath, its hard to find a scent I like. So, my new favorite bubble bath soap is just baby shampoo ($3.99 at Target)! 

Pamper Night!

It’s super cheap and it bubbles so easily! Plus, it’s scentless, so it won’t compete with whatever body wash/bath bomb you decide to use. 

Pamper Night!2

As I said, I typically like to add a little something extra to my baths. When I’m really looking to pamper myself, I’ll throw in a bath bomb. This is my favorite one from Lush, called “Sex Bomb”($6.65 at Lush). It smells amazing and leaves your skin super soft! (Plus it turns your bath water pink!)

Pamper Night!3

Now it’s time to get your hair out of your face by tying it up in the highest bun possible. I’d like to add that this is the only socially acceptable time to wear a topknot this absurd.

Pamper Night!4

While my bath is running, I usually like to apply a face mask. This is my favorite part because it really makes me feel like I’m at the spa! I love this one from the Body Shop because it’s super powerful, and its bright green ($15.50 at The Body Shop)! When I’m looking for a more gentle mask, I’ll usually go for the “Lemon Detox” mask from our blog post “DIY Face Masks“. 



Pamper Night!5

Now it’s time to actually get in the bath! But before you do, make sure to dim the lights and light your  favorite candle to get a more relaxing vibe. 

Pamper Night!6


When I’m in the bath I usually will read a book, check Instagram, or just close my eyes and relax a bit. Then I’ll wash my body with the best smelling body wash I’ve got on hand. Right now it’s this one from Soap & Glory called Clean on Me ($14 at Sephora), that smells just like my favorite hand cream, Hand Food (also from Soap & Glory).

Pamper Night!7

At this point, your bath water is probably getting a little cold, so its time to get out. But before you dry off, I like to add a little pre-towel moisture. My usual favorite product is Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil. This celebrity secret is super cheap ($3.39 at Target) and will leave your skin baby soft (literally!) Just rub it into your damp skin like a lotion, and pat dry. This is my favorite every day product, so when I’m looking for something a little more fancy, I’ll use this body conditioner by Lush. Just slather up on damp skin and then quickly dunk yourself back in the tub before you towel dry. It will leave your skin feeling super soft, and it smells like heaven!

Pamper Night!8

So that’s it for my pamper night! I usually end the night snuggled in bed with a good book or a chick flick (Devil Wears Prada, anyone?). Don’t forget to treat yourself to a nice bath this week, and comment down below telling us what your favorite pamper night essential is!


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