90s Beauty Trends You Can Wear Again

There’s no doubt about the trends from the 90s making a comeback and taking the fashion world by storm. Aside from the grunge look, chokers and hair flowers, one more thing that we’re loving today that’s a blast from the past are the beauty trends. Beauty trends from the 90s are stunning. They’re incredibly simple and super easy to pull off, too, which makes us wonder why we let them go in the first place. If you’re just as excited as I am, check out these 90s beauty trends you can wear again this year.

  • BROWN LIPSTICK – move over, mauve lips inspired by Kylie Jenner! This fall, we’re seeing a huge following for brown lipstick and we’re not talking about beige or nude brown, too. We’re talking about straight up chocolate brown lipstick. If you’re looking for a dark, rich fall shade, try this one out.

brown lips and bold brow

brown lips and flawless makeup

  • METALLIC EYE SHADOW – metallic eye shadows are perfect for making a statement with your eyes and making them pop. This look has been a staple all over red carpets this past few months and we’re loving it! Start out with a gorgeous metallic champagne hue that you can use to highlight your brow bones or on your inner corners and progress onto more colorful shades.

metallic brown shadow metallic rose gold lids

  • FRENCH MANICURE– the French manicure or French tips were the It nails of the 90s. Today, with the rise of nail art salons and with nail art tools and equipments becoming more accessible to everyone, this simple manicure look has become obsolete. Thankfull, today, it’s making a comeback and with a more glamorous twist, too! Modern French manicures call for more than just whites and nudes. You can do it with just about any color and get really creative with the tips, too.

french manicure style with colors french manicure with ombre and glitters

  • BLUE SHADOW – I never thought I’d be so excited with blue eye shadow coming back into the beauty scene but apparently, I am. Forget about the 90s frosty blue shadow hue, thought. Instead, pick out a shade of blue that makes your eyes really pop and blend it along with other colors to create a beautiful eye makeup look. It could be teal, baby blue, electric blue or some other hue.

blue and black shasow blue shadow with glitters

  • FROSTED LIPSTICK – nothing screams the 90s more than thin brows and frosted lipstick. Today, frosted lipsticks are back but with a prettier and more wearable look. Softer shades of frosted lipstick are perfect for creating that ‘girl next door’ aura. Layer it with just a bit of clear gloss to get a fresh and easy everyday look.

frosted nude frosted coral


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