9 Style Hacks to Make Your Jeans More Flattering

Denim jeans are an essential part and must-have fashion staple for a casual street style. However, being written over and over again may sound plain and boring. There are certain instant updates you can make to that pair of jeans you’re wearing right now that can have a major impact on your overall style. Keep on reading for our style hacks that will take your look in jeans to the next level.

  1. Cuff your jeans in creative ways.

black chiffon blouse and cuffed jeans with envelope clutch

yellow sweater with cuffed boyfriend jeans cuffed pants with classic top

Rolling up your denim hems might seem like a pretty easy thing to do, especially if you’re petite and the typical jeans you can buy off the racks are too long for you. Like Kristina Bazan, cuff your jeans in the perfect height to show off your classic pair of pumps that will give your outfit a chic vibe. However, keep in mind that cuffs can create a shorter silhouette as they’re giving a break on your leg line, so better balance it with a pair of low contrast shoes.

  1. Turn accidental rip and tear into trendy designer style.

denim shirt and distressed jeans with envelope clutch trench coat with distressed jeans skinny distressed jeans with white top

If your favorite pair of jeans have faded, got rips, holes, and tears out over time, then, turn a fashion disaster into a style statement, by distressing your jeans even further. From fashion editors to street style stars, we’ve seen denim jeans in ripped, torn, and even shredded styles worn in their casual and dressy occasions. So, take jeans from your closet that past their prime, and turn them into trendy denim that people will think you shelled out on.

  1. Add some patchworks to your jeans.

patchwork denim jeans with flannel skirt patchwork jeans with white top patchwork jeans with coat

If you’re not a fan of denim jeans with rips, tears, and holes, then simply add some creatively cut patches to cover up the imperfections on your jeans. Like Annabelle Fleur, you may use different shades of denim fabric to add some color contrast to your jeans. Or, completely make your casual style intentional by opting for printed fabrics to decorate your jeans making them look more colorful and creative.

  1. Crop your jeans.

cropped jeans with pea coat patterned top and blazer with cropped jeans off shoulder top with cropped jeans

If you have jeans that end a bit too high on your leg that makes them look outdated, then simply turn them into trendy ankle-length cropped jeans. By cropping your jeans, you can alter the length of jeans hems and fitting, especially it’s a trendy boyfriend jean silhouette. Think of taking up the jeans just above the ankle, to show off legs at their slimmest point for a slimming overall effect. This is also a great way to keep wearing jeans that have become ragged at the hems, but are otherwise in decent shape. This way, your old jeans will look fresh again and perfect to show off your most fabulous shoes.

  1. Go for a frayed look.

frayed jeans and coat with vintage bag tuxedo blazer with frayed jeans frayed jeans with casual shirt

If you’re going to cut your jeans’ hemline by yourself and don’t know how to seal them well, then intentionally create a frayed look by letting those fabric trims alone. Like Annabelle Fleur, simply wear your frayed jeans with an edgy blazer and chunky sandals making the outfit work for your street style look.

  1. Add some embroidery to your jeans.

embroidered jeans with fur coat and white top embroidered jeans with plain tee and coat embroidered jeans with parka coat embroidered jeans with oversized coat

Denim jeans with embroidery and iron-on badges give you a high-end look. Though there are jeans with these details are typically available from upscale denim collections, you can turn a pair of your plain jeans trendy and catwalk-inspired, by adding some embroidery as a decoration. Whether you’re a fan of bands and sports team logos or signature names and brands, choose ones that match your interests and style.

  1. Fade your jeans.

acid washed jeans with printed blazer and white top leather jacket and cuffed jeans with envelope clutch and animal print loafers

Faded and acid washed jeans are trendy and cool. If you’re tired of your plain jeans that look too chic, decent, and neat, then creatively fade them on your own. Some can even do the tie-dye style by using appropriate chemicals in fading those jeans. Keep in mind that lighter shades on denim can only emphasize your problem areas, so be sure to place them on zones that you feel to highlight.

  1. Add some sequins or embellishments to your jeans.

sequin jeans with velvet blazer sequined jeans with fur coat sequined black jeans with blazer

If you wish to glam up your boring pair of jeans, then resort to sequins that instantly add a glamorous sparkle to your basic denim transforming it into a designer-look pair. Like Nicole Warne, you may scatter those sequins in respective areas that will look elegant and glamorous. On the other hand, if you wish to make it look more fashion-forward and trendy, then copy fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni’s style of wearing skinny jeans with sequins below her knees making the look work for a casual to semi-formal look.

  1. Paint your jeans.

star painted jeans with fuzzy coat and sneakers paint splatter jeans with sweater mickey mouse painted jeans with chambray shirt

If you’re artistic and creative enough, then show off your skills by painting your jeans. Whether you’re a fan of cartoon characters, cubistic art, or architectural patterns, paints can take your jeans to the next level making your style unique and statement-making. For a free form effect, simply dip skinny paintbrushes in your paint colors and flick them at your jeans creating splatter effects. Or, if you’re not a natural artist, use stencils to paint your desired designs onto denim.

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