9 Pinterest – Inspired Braid Hairstyles

Pinterest is such a wonderful place that’s filled with creative stuff that you can learn and recreate right in the comfort of your own home, be it DIY crafts, makeup looks, outfit ideas or hairstyles. And speaking of hairstyles, don’t you just love playing with your hair when it gets long enough for braids? I personally love braids. They’re like a two-in-one kind of hairstyle for me. You can have your hair braided during the day and when you release the braids at night you get gorgeous waves or curls.  Check out these gorgeous Pinterest-inspired braid hairstyles that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.


  • BRAIDED GIBSON TUCK – the Gibson tuck is such an elegant classic hairstyle. You can wear it with dressier and fancier outfits and the best part about it is that it’s not that hard to do. Check out the step by step guide below for a tutorial on how to do the Gibson tuck with braids for midlength hair as well as for longer hair. You can also watch the latter in a video tutorial here.

braided gibson tuck for long hair

gibson tuck with braids midlength hair

  • WATERFALL CROWN BRAID – the waterfall crown braid can be used in many different hairstyles but I think that the crown braid is one of the best hairstyles to incorporate this braid style into. Here’s a video tutorial that will show you how to do it step by step

waterfall crown braid

  • CELTIC KNOT BRAID – the Celtic knot braid is a real eye catcher. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s super versatile too! Basically, if you know how to do a Celtic knot on rope or some ribbon, you can do it on your hair as well. The Celtic knot braid can be worn with a full updo or a half up half down hairstyle. Here’s a quick tutorial.

celtic braid style

  • SNAKE BRAID – if you know how to do the conventional three-strand braid, you’ll be able to do the snake braid with ease. Remember that this one is not intended to look perfect and neat so don’t stress yourself about that. Check out this tutorial on how to do a snake braid by Bobby Glam on YouTube.

snake braid snake braid how to

  • CHINESE STAIRCASE BRAID – this one isn’t really as much of a ‘braid’ as all the others but it does count, nonetheless. This method of ‘braiding’ is actually used in making crafty cord bracelets as well so you might be familiar with it. Here’s a tutorial on how to do the Chinese staircase braid.

chinese staircase braid

  • SEAMLESS WRAP BRAID – the secret to a seamless wrap braid is to skip elastics and use bobby pins the same color as your hair instead. It’s also important to tuck the bobby pins under your hair so it isn’t visible. Check out this gorgeous seamless wrap braid below.

seamless wrap around braid

  • FAUX HAWK BRAID – the faux hawk is such a cool and edgy hairstyle but if you want to soften it up a little and make it more feminine, try doing it with braids. It’s a great hairstyle for women with really long hair who just want to get it out of the way for the day.

faux hawk braid

  • FRENCH TWIST ROPE BRAID – this hairstyle is super cute and super easy, too! It’s a very interesting hairstyle that combines two cute looks: the French braid and the twist rope braid. Check out this tutorial by Cute Girls Hairstyle on YouTube.

french twist rope braid

  • DUTCH SIDE BRAID – the last Pinterest-inspired braid on our list is this rather messy but still chic Dutch side braid. If you find braids a little too schoolgirl-y then doing them a little messy is sure to give it that mature / grown up vibe. Check out this tutorial on how to do it.

dutch side braid style


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