9 Most Flattering Clothing Colors for Blondes

Blonde hair is one of the most envied hair colors and wearing the right shades of clothes make it look more stunning and eye-catching. Though you may opt for any color of your choice, you may want to read on our most flattering color picks that will make you standout.

  1. Bright Red

red band coat with leather leggings

tasseled red robe dress red lace dress with strappy sandals and structured bag

Passionate, fierce, and hot, red is one of the most suitable options for accentuating the naturally golden and luxurious undertones of blonde hair. Though shades of cardinal, burgundy, alizarin, scarlet red and pomegranate will refresh your looks in a classy way, going for a bright red dress will instantly light up your blonde hair color. Ideal solution for romantic dates and casual walk in the town, bright red will keep your street looks feminine and classy effortlessly.

  1. Bold Black

black lace dress with leather jacket black sweater with high waist maxi dress

The classic black shade is suitable for everyone, and especially the blondes with platinum hair. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may think of contrasting your fabric textures to create some interest in a monochromatic outfit by wearing a leather jacket with your lace dress, or even wearing a pair of leopard print pumps and a sling bag to make it fierce yet classy. Also, a little black dress or a black suit-and-pants pair will make a perfect everyday combination.

  1. Pristine White

white loose top with jeans white suit dress with classic sunglasses white mesh dress with strappy sandals

The pure white shade or ivory tone will create a beautiful harmony with the light tones of hair and will create an elegant and laconic image. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, just go for a white outfit with a flattering neckline that will bring attention to your blonde hair and angular face. Also, you shouldn’t forget about adding some more colors for contrast here. The pure white shade is ideal for the fair and honey blondes, whereas the beige tones are unfailing for the light blondes.

  1. Sweet Pink

pink gingham dress pink tweed blazer and shorts

Looking for a sweet and feminine statement? Opt for light shades of pink. Like Blair Eadie, you may even go for a gingham print dress and finish your looks with a quirky pair of sunglasses and belt perfect for breezy walks in the morning or brunch time with friends. Or, look classy with a tweed blazer and black top that will give enough contrast for your blonde hair to shine.

  1. Cobalt Blue

cobalt blue jumpsuit with tassled red sandals cobalt blue top with fur skirt cobalt blue lace up maxi dress

Sophisticated and calming, cobalt blue is one of the rich shades you may go for if you think of adding some flair to your style. Like Blair Eadie, go for fine fabrics like fur, silk, chiffon, and such to add some glam and boldness to your look. Or, creatively clash some color combinations by teaming your blue outfit with red accessories like a pair of sandals, bags, or sunglasses.

  1. Emerald Green

emerald green dress with bow sandals

Refreshing yet elegant, emerald green is a great color choice for blondes. Like Blair Eadie, create a strong color contrast with your outfit by wearing a black pair of sandals and belt with your emerald green dress while complementing your blonde hair. This way, you’ll end up looking classy and sophisticated without looking over-the-top.

  1. Gray

collared top sweater with pleated skirt gray coat with knee boots

Accentuates the delicate and sweet looks of blondes, gray is a neutral shade that can create a low contrast with your look while keeping your classic style. You can pick shades like pure gray or light gray that look so classy and simple even in monochromatic dressing. If you may, add some pale pink details or fuchsia to create a contrast and to complete the look.

  1. Purple or Lavender

lavender coat with tulle skirt purple silk skirt with printed top

Known as the royal color, purple adds some sophisticated and royal look to your outfit. Like Blair Eadie, add some flair to your regal look by going for a purple silk skirt with an animal print top. To keep your classy vibe, refrain from wearing flashy colors with your purple outfit and stick to neutral shades of black or nude on your accessories instead.

  1. Mustard Tones

mustard sweater with graphic skirt mustard polka dots sweater with denim shorts

The tones of brown, especially the mustard shades are the perfect play pair for honey blonde shades and lighter tones of fair blonde hair. Like Blair Eadie, you may start by wearing a brown sweater or accessorizing your look with a mustard scarf that will create a low contrast with your blonde hair. These shades will refresh your looks while accentuating the shade of your hair, despite being muted and absolutely not bright.

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