9 Celebrity-Inspired Ways to Wear a White Shirt

A white shirt is a basic staple that every girl needs to have. While it’s very simple, it’s very versatile as well! Breathe life into your plain white tops by following these celebrity-inspired ways to wear a white shirt.

Bralette over Shirt

If you have a surplus of bralettes that you bought this summer, worry not as you can wear them during fall as well. Layering it over is one of the sexy ways to wear a white shirt this autumn.

bralette over shirt


Do you have a loose white shirt in your closet? Instead of relegating it as sleepwear, you can knot the ends for a sexy look ala Kendall Jenner.

knotted shirt

Show your Shoulder

There are many sexy ways to wear a white shirt without revealing everything. Just follow Alessandra Ambrossio, wear an oversized shirt, and align the opening so that it showcases your sexy shoulder.

off shoulder

Go Monochrome

Contrast is vital in fashion, but there are times when pure immaculate outfits are just so perfect. Although labor day is over, going monochrome is one of the best ways to wear a white shirt.

monochrome outfit

Beautiful in a Blazer

While button-down tops and ornate blouses are the top options for work wear, you can create a more casual look by wearing your white shirt with a structured blazer. For a polished look, emulate Gigi Hadid’s ways to wear a white shirt.


Dashing in a Dress

If it’s too cold outside, one of the warming ways to wear a white shirt is to layer it underneath your favorite dress.

dress over shirt

Fine with Florals

Because of the simple nature of the white shirt, it is best worn with printed bottoms. Take inspiration from Victoria Beckham and go for a floral attire. This is, hands down, one of the prettiest ways to wear a white shirt.

floral bottoms

Maven in a Maxi Skirt

A maxi skirt is one of the most versatile items there is, as you can wear them to the beach – even a formal dinner in a hotel. If you’re looking for sophisticated ways to wear white shirt, then follow Jordana Brewster and Kate Bosworth and wear it with a flowy maxi skirt.

maxi skirt maxi skirt outfit

Ravishing in a Romper

Rompers have made a comeback this year. If you want to recreate a youthful look with this piece, then include it in your ways to wear a white shirt. A great idol to look up to: Emily Ratajkowski.


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