8 Winter Staples You Need in Your Wardrobe

As the temperature drops, you may rush upgrading your wardrobe for pieces that you will need for the winter. If you’re looking for basic winter staples to keep you warm and cozy while still looking fashionable and stylish in the cold season, keep on scrolling for our list of your winter must-haves.

  1. Winter Hats

beanie in green coat

neon beanie with urban outifit beanie with blue outfit

Though you’ve got plenty of winter hats to choose from, beanies are the most versatile and winter-friendly compared to wide-brimmed, fedora, sailor caps, and bowler hats. Made from knitted textile, beanies keep you warm and cozy giving you more coverage than typical hats with brims. Though beanies in shades of black, gray, brown, and white are the most versatile options that can go well with any of your outfit, neon beanies in the hues of orange, yellow, hot pink, cobalt blue and such can serve as a pop of color in the winter months when you feel inclined to wear muted and monochrome palette.

  1. Winter Scarves

fur scarf with vintage dress tangerine fur scarf fur scarf with classic outfit black turtleneck with jeans

Fur scarves can be your statement piece while keeping you cozy and warm in the winter. Feel free to pick statement-making shades whether it’s an orange, hot pink, yellow, or neutral shade of black, camel, gray, and browns that will go well with any colors of your outfit. Knitted scarves and other woven scarves can be winter-friendly too. Just grab those attention-grabbing prints or patterns to same dimension to your winter looks.

  1. Winter Gloves

leather gloves with winter outfit bib necklace with fur jacket and leather trousers

There are woven or knitted gloves available in the market to keep you warm and cozy in the winter. But, if you wish for an edgier statement, go for leather gloves with metallic studs. Black leather gloves with gold studs are more eye-catching and glamorous than can take you from casual night out to fancy parties, while ones with silver studs are more versatile and simpler that can go well with your too casual or even distressed outfits.

  1. Winter Boots

fur boots with dress thigh high boots with pink coat thigh-high classic boots

Though Ugg boots and rubber boots are winter must-haves, you may switch to knee-high or even thigh-high boots made from leather for a more stylish statement. These are great for either dresses and skirts or pants or shorts. For dresses and skirts and shorts, you could layer tights underneath to give you more coverage. If you still don’t have one, pick knee high boots that are made of either velvet, fur, or suede that have the insulating properties like leather.

  1. Knitted Tops

knitted poncho with knee high boots knitted sweater with skinny jeans turtleneck sweater with skirt and boots turtleneck with purple coat and skinny pants chic winter outfit with boots

Whether it’s a turtleneck, poncho, or a sweater, go for knits that can go well with your typical winter outfit. Turtleneck adds an ounce of classiness to your outfit, especially if the turtleneck piece is in the shades of neutrals like black, white, cream, gray, brown, and so on. Knitted sweaters whether a V-neck, boat neck, or crew neck, add texture to your outfits. But, it is highly recommended to get a knitted top in a color that you will be able to wear with a lot of other pieces so you would be able to incorporate them together seamlessly.

  1. Leather Trousers

leather trousers and fur scarf leather trousers with burgundy blazer leather trousers with wedge sneakers winter outfit with boots

Leather stands out as a pair of pants during the winter. You could go for a pair of tailored leather pants that you would be able to wear in the formal setting like in the office, or opt for a skin-tight fit that is perfect to wear with layers. A pair of skin-tight leather trousers can look more balanced if paired with bulky boots, or chunky footwear.

  1. Knitted Skirt

turtleneck with knitted skirt

If you wish to sport some skirt, go for ones made from thick fabrics like knits. Some thick fabric skirts are too stiff or bulky that may be uncomfortable to move in, but knitted skirts can offer the soft and drapey fit that still look feminine and winter-friendly.

  1. Winter Coats

faux fur coat with neutral outfit fur coat with classic coat fur coat with green shoes fur-coat-with-pink-shoes winter coat with white outfit

Winter coats are indeed a must-have for winter. Wool coats or fur coats are more fashionable compared to puffer ones or even quilted coats that still look stylish and chic. It’s great if you have at least one winter coat that you will wear every day, but investing in winter coats can be style wise. Just go for a versatile color that can go well with any of your outfit.

With these winter staples, you can be functional and stylish in the cold season without splurging on too many ensembles. Just be creative mixing and matching your pieces to create looks that turn heads.


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