8 Ways to Wear the Cat-Inspired Fashion Trend

Fashion trends and drives are endless, one being even more creative and cute than the other. The cat-inspired or feline fashion trend is one of the emerging and fresh looks, which just make us say meow! Looking for inspiration how to wear the cat fashion trend and look like a kitten beauty? Keep on scrolling for our ways to wear a quirky look leading to a cuteness overload.

  1. Cat’s Eye Sunglasses

classic cat eyes sunglasses

modern cat eyes sunglasses leopard print cat's eye sunglasses golden cats eye sunglasses embellished cat eyes sunglasses

Feminine, trendy, and chic, cat’s eye sunglasses can be a stylish way of wearing the trend without going overboard. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, go for a pair of sunglasses that suits your personality and flatter your face shape. For instance, embellished cat’s eye sunglasses flatter romantic and quirky personalities while golden and classic styles flatter the women with minimalist fashion style. Also, cat’s eye sunglasses are perfect for women with round or heart shape as it gives your face an instant lift. However, go for a subtle lift and don’t be too catty especially if you have a very broad forehead and narrow jawline to avoid making your chin look super sharp and disproportionately narrow.

  1. Cat-inspired Headband

cat inspired head band with black crop top and yellow skirt quirky headband with white dress quirky headband with casual outfit quirky headband and ankle strap sandals with nude dress

Looking for quirky way to wear the trend? Then go for a cat inspired headband resembling the cat’s ears that look so cute and girly. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, think of adding some twist to your trendy white dress with a cat inspired headband and ankle strap peep-toe sandals. This accessory can also be great to add some playful touch to your monochromatic, plain, or head-to-toe neutral outfit.

  1. Cat Print Top or Sweater

cat inspired top with jeans cat print sweater with skirt cat print sweater with pencil skirt cat print sweater with leggings cat print sweater with jeans green cat print sweater with leather skirt

Sweater and tops can be a means of showing your love for cute cats! Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, give some quirky twist to your chic outfit of button-down shirt and pencil skirt with a cat-print sweater. If it’s too warm for layers, then simply opt for a graphic top or embroidered tee featuring cat prints like Chiara Ferragni did, making her street style more cute and unexpected.

  1. Cat Print Dress or Coat

cat print coat with chic outfit cat print dress with vintage bag cat print dress with patterned tights

May not be the most versatile option, but cat print dress or coat can instantly give you a bold statement without trying too hard. Like street style star Helena Bordon, you may simply top your chic outfit of knitted top and pencil skirt with a cat-print coat that will give a quirky yet playful statement to your looks. Just polish your style with a pair of classic pumps to bring back the chic, elegant, and sophisticated vibe to your outfit.

  1. Cat Print Skirt

cat print skirt with preppy top cat print skirt with sweater

Playful, cute, and irresistible, cat print skirt can also be a means of refreshing your vintage pieces. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldridge, team your novelty skirt with a vintage sweater, retro floral bag, and ankle strap sandals to add some modern vibe to your vintage pieces, making it fashion-forward and trendy for the season. Generally, a lot depends on the color shades and shapes that carry these prints.

  1. Cat-inspired Ballet Flats or Loafers

cat inspired ballet flats with casual chic outfit cat inspired ballet flats with graphic top and leopard print bag cat inspired ballet flats with denim on denim outfit

Making your trendy outfit more intentional? Then opt for a pair of cat-inspired ballet flats or loafers. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, be bold showcasing your quirky and playful personality with cat-inspired footwear that will refresh your basic pieces instantly. This is just another nice trend that will add some innovative and trendy looks to your daily wardrobe.

  1. Cat-inspired Bags or Clutches

cat inspired clutch with red outfit

Looking for ways to add some drama to your monochromatic outfit? Then simply carry a cat-inspired clutch that will do the tricks for you. Feel free whether you wish to go for a cat-inspired silhouette or feline prints as long as it flatters your personality and fashion taste. Perhaps the most important tip when it comes to cat inspired fashion pieces is to avoid wearing all those cat ear beanies, cat-inspired headbands and girlish kitten pieces to work, to job interviews, and formal events.

  1. Cat’s Eye Makeup

cat eyes makeup cat eyes makeup with nude lips cat eyes eyeliner cat eyes eyeliner with nude lips cat eyes eyeliner with edgy top

Looking for a more practical way to wear the trend? Then go for a cat-inspired eye makeup. Just learn the basics of great colors and strokes suited for your eye shape to make it look flattering for you. Other than that, you are welcome to experiment with the sweet aspect of this fashion trend.

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