8 Outfits to Try When You Have Nothing to Wear

Have you ever looked at your bulging closet and wondered what you were going to wear? Fashion-forward women tend to mix and match their new ensembles with old ones to create exciting outfits that look perfectly put together. If you feel you don’t have anything to put on, keep on reading for our 8 outfit ideas to try when you have nothing to wear.

  1. Dress up your casual jeans with statement coats.

cuffed jeans with oversized mustard coat

forest green coat with skinny pants forest green coat with skinny pants

Wool coats, fur coats, Chesterfield coats, and even sleek oversized coats are not only for feminine dresses and skirts as they are the best pieces to go for to dress up your casual denim jeans. Fashion blogger Kristina Bazan creatively cuffed her boyfriend jeans to look appropriate with her sleek oversized coat, while Micah Gianneli simply made her outfit intentional by pairing her fur coat with distressed boyfriend jeans and graphic tee. Whichever styles you wish for, wearing a statement coat adds some structure and polished to your not-so-feminine outfit.

  1. Wear the unexpected color combination on your outfit.

green coat with pink shorts and red top pink and red outfit red pants with purple top and neon yellow coat

Wearing red with pink, navy with black, and green with pink has been a fashion faux pas. However, these unexpected color combinations are now a major trend that showcases your artistic skills and playful personality. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, opt for solid color pieces like shorts, coat, blouse, trousers and wear them together for a creative outfit. To make your style intentional, wear the most clashing shades together like yellow and red, or green with pink.

  1. Pair your casual items with chic pieces.

denim overalls with striped button down shirt maxi skirt with graphic shirt striped crop top and skirt with denim vest

Casual chic style can be attained by mixing your most casual denim overalls, vests, jackets, jeans, and skirts with chic pieces. Wearing your graphic tees with maxi skirt may be great especially if you’re not a fan of denim items. To make your denim overalls a bit sleek, wear them with a crisp button-down shirt instead of a casual sweater and tee. Feel free to opt for sneakers, kitten heels, strappy sandals, or wedges to give your outfit some polish.

  1. Go for the borrowed-from-boys’ style.

black tuxedo dress with skinny pants borrowed-from-boys-outfit-with-heels borrowed from boys outfit

If you wish for an edgy look without wearing leather, then go for a borrowed-from-boys look. Tuxedo blazer, straight-leg pants, tux dress, brogues, oxfords, and loafers are your key pieces to make up the look. Just go for a tux dress paired with skinny pants to make you look more feminine, or simply go for a three-piece-suit for a more masculine look. If you have the courage, opt for a cute bow-tie to wear on your collars like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did.

  1. Creatively mix your patterns and prints.

striped top and printed skirt striped top with printed skirt gingham coat with skirt

Mixing your prints and patterns together for the intention of clashing them may not be the professional and smart look you can have, but they’re stylish enough for your casual street style. Feel free to select stripes, polka dots, leopard, as well as novelty and quirky prints to show your personality with your outfits. When wearing similar prints, you may want to go for different colors, while sticking to the same colors when donning different prints. This way, you’ll look more polished and stylish without looking cluttered in an outfit full of loud prints.

  1. Revamp the look of your dress with a statement blazer.

maxi dress with tweed blazer silk dress with printed blazer statement blazer with black dress and statement heels

Dresses can be the most noticeable ensemble, especially if you’re wearing them most of the time. So, bring some fresh look to your feminine dress with a statement blazer that looks complementing for them. No matter whether you only have one little black dress, different styles of blazers paired with them will create multiple outfits without being noticed.

  1. Go monochrome head-to-toe.

monochrome outfit with classic pumps pastel pink office outfit monochrome outfit with robe coat

Monochrome dressing may be boring and dull to some, but it’s actually timeless and classic perfect for formal affairs. If you’re not a fan of black and darker shades, you may still go for monochrome dressing by selecting pastel and feminine shades. Your items shouldn’t always look in similar hues as wearing a lighter shade of pink with a darker shade of pink, as well as a pink cashmere top with a pink silk skirt will always work.

  1. Pick a statement accessory for your simple outfit.

floral clutch with brightly colored dress heart clutchbag with casual chic outfit statement necklace with floral top and black skirt

Accessories make the finishing touches on your outfit whether they’ll look perfect or just good. If you don’t have time to think on what pieces to wear together, simply opt for a statement clutch or a pair of statement shoes then you’re good to go. Also, wearing the shade of accessories that match to the shade of your outfit can be fashionable too.

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