8 Non-boring Ways to Wear White Sneakers

White sneakers are becoming more and more popular lately and many of our favorite celebrities and style icons are wearing them and creating Pinterest-worthy looks with them. No matter what your personal style preference is, I’m sure you’ll love a good pair of plain white sneakers. I mean, they’re so easy to style and wear, you just can’t go wrong with them on your feet. Here are a few non-boring ways to wear white sneakers.

  1. White sneakers and an all black outfit – the stark contrast between black and white makes a powerful statement so if you’re looking for a chic and minimalistic approach to wearing white sneakers, give this combo a try.all black outfit kendall jenner
    all black outfit with white sneakers
  2. Sexy, edgy and casual all in one – this gorgeous look is the perfect on e to recreate if you’re aiming for a look that’s sexy, edgy yet casual. A flowy maxi dress paired with a leather jacket and white sneakers is the ultimate summer day to night look.ultimate summer
  3. Summer in the 90s – this super gorgeous look by Kendall Jenner has the makings of a perfect summer outfit injected with a bit of the 90s vibe that’s making waves in the fashion world today. If you’re aiming for an outfit that’s perfectly contemporary and vintage at the same time, this is the best way to go.summer in the 90s
  4. California summer chic – ready for summer? Instead of going for the usual combo of a crop top, denim shorts and white sneakers, why not amp it up a little this time and go for denim overall shorts? It’s a much cuter look that’s perfect for both spring and summer.california summer chic
  5. Campus cutie – look like a campus cutie, even when you’re no longer in school, by wearing a miniskirt and a bomber jacket combo finished off with low key white sneakers.campus cutie
  6. Athleisure at best – the athleisure trend is still on the rise and this monochromatic outfit by Gigi Hadid shows us the perfect way to wear the trend while making use of a perfectly simple pair of white kicks.athleisure outfit gigi hadid
  7. Basic with a twist – go back to the basics with a pair of mom jeans and white sneakers but be sure to keep the look updated by adding a twist. This could be anything from a trendy accessory to a dressy top that will keep your outfit from looking outdated.Basic with a twist
  8. Gorgeous grunge – go girly with a bit of spunk added to your look by doing a gorgeous grunge inspired outfit. These kinds of looks are perfect when finished off with plain white sneakers because the shoes don’t take away much attention from the main look.gorgeous grunge grungey outfit



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