8 Long Hairstyle Ideas

Do you believe in the statement “long hair, don’t care?” If you do, then brace yourself for these chic long hairstyle ideas that will make you look stunning – no matter what season or year it might be.

Sleek Hairstyle

Long hairstyle ideas need not be complicated. If you want to achieve a sophisticated look at a short amount of time, then go for Kendall Jenner’s sleek hairstyle.

High Half Pony

A half pony is one of the safest long hairstyle ideas out there. So if you want to revolutionize this classic look, then wear your half pony higher, such as the example below.

top-half-pony high-half-pony

Messy Bun

A bun need not always be on point. If you prefer the disheveled look, then go for a messy top bun, such as the one below.


Headband Braid

If you want to achieve a fresh look that’s reminiscent of spring, then go for a headband braid. If you are a girly-girl at heart, know that this is one of the long hairstyle ideas that you will definitely love.


Hidden Braid

Braids are known to emit a ladylike aura. However, if you are looking or long hairstyle ideas with more attitude, then try a hidden braid, such as the one worn by Jessica Alba below. This sleek hairstyle demonstrates business at one side and play at another.


Delicate Side Braid

A side braid is one of the good long hairstyle ideas that you can do by yourself. However, if you want to achieve a more polished look, roll the front of your locks. This style is great for more formal occasions, although no one is stopping you from wearing this to the office as well.


Double Braid

Braids offer long hairstyle ideas that you can utilize for months on end. If you are a sporty person, then you are better off with a double braid, such as the one shown below. This style can add pizzazz to your otherwise boring ponytail hair.


Unique Pony

The ponytail is the champion of long hairstyle ideas. However, it can be boring at most times. So if you want to update the ponytail look, then try the hairstyle below. Gather your hair in a pony, and partition them into multiple sectors by wrapping a few strands around the sectors. You can also use ponytail holders if you want to achieve the look in a shorter amount of time.


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