8 Fun Nail Art Designs for Summer

If you’re a nail-a-holic, I’m sure you’ve been waiting for summer for a really long time now. Summer is one of the most fun seasons for lots of things and that includes cute, cool, colorful, crazy nail art! This is the time when we can finally go all out on whatever we want to paint our nails with and just run with it. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these fun nail art designs for summer.

  1. Watermelon nails – for a quick but cute nail art design, why not try painting watermelons on your nails? There are plenty of ways to do this ranging from the really easy dotted classic red-green French mani combo to the more complex gradient style ones.watermelon nail art ombre watermelon easy nail art
  2. Ice cream and sprinkles mani – while we’re on the subject of food inspired manis, why not go all out and get some ice cream and sprinkles on your nails, too? It’s a great way to show your sweet side and have some fun, too.ice cream and sprinkles nails ice cream with cone and sprinkles
  3. Lemonade – lemonade nails are not only super cool for summer; they’re a great way to channel your love for Beyonce, too! Check out these gorgeous lemonade inspired nail art designs.lemonade icy cold
  4. By the beach – gorgeous blue and brown ombre make for a great base when trying to get the look of the shore. Add some white waves and presto! The beach: right on your finger tips. Literally!beach waves with gold appliques beach waves
  5. Tie dye – what’s the best way to wear a ton of color for summer without going overboard, you ask? Why, tie dye nails, of course! Here’s an easy peasy tutorial that you can follow for awesome, colorful nails.tie dye nails
  6. Pink flamingos – love pink? Go ahead and get that pink flamingo nail art design on your nails! Pink is always a good idea, especially in the summer!pink flamingo how to draw pink flamingo white background
  7. Nautical nonsense – there’s no better time to get your nautical theme on than in summer. Red. Blue and white stripes are, by far, the simplest way to channel the nautical theme though you can do more by adding anchors, ship wheels, and more to your nails.nautical themed nails luxe nautical theme nails
  8. Pastel galaxy nails – galaxy nails were all the rage a few winters ago and if you loved that, you’re surely going to love it’s summer counterpart which is the pastel galaxy nail art design. Be sure to top off with a coat of holographic nail polish for that extra fun look.pastel galaxy nails with unicorn accent nail pastel galaxy nails



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