8 Flattering Color Choices for Brunettes

It’s a widely known fact that brunettes are passionate, hot and attention-seeking. Heading to a business meeting, romantic date, or party requires dazzling and beautiful looks. So, if you find the shades of orange and gray not so flattering for you, keep on reading to learn the secrets of looking more dazzling than ever.

  1. Red

red blazer with pants

red cocktail dress red coat with edgy outfit

Hot and passionate, shades of red may contribute to creating an enviously enchanting image of brunettes perfect with business attires or party dresses that will give them chic and striking looks. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may think of a red blazer and pants for your next corporate meeting or a red cocktail dress for your evening party that will surely make those heads turn. Opting for berry red shades is another creative thing brunettes might experiment with. Also, going for a red wool coat will add some sexy look with your edgy leather trousers perfect for a casual style.

  1. Cobalt Blue or Sky Blue

blue turleneck sweater with black pants cobalt blue dress with ankle strap sandals cobalt blue coat with edgy outfit

Soothing and calming, bluish tones are great for adding a great impression on those surrounding you. Like Annabelle, you can wear darker blue like cobalt blue shade for business and work, as well as casual occasions like walks and hangouts, while a soft shade of sky blue creates a romantic look. You may go for the other shades of blue to see what flatters you. However, one of the shades that require special attention is turquoise, which is to be chosen wisely to match the skin color.

  1. Green

green banded dress green top with white pants green dress with jacket

Another eye-catching combination can be made with the help of greenish shades paired with the alluring body-con silhouettes. Like Annabelle, you may opt for darker shades of green like emerald green or forest green for more formal occasions like parties and business meetings. Also, it would be very effective to use some bluish green shades for those having this kind of eye color too. For a playful vibe, go lighter on your green tones as long as it flatters your skin complexion.

  1. Yellow

mustard dress with strappy sandals yellow top with cuffed jeans neon yellow dress with quirky sandals

Perfect color to team with brown, yellow is the best shade for brunettes as it’s really catchy and unforgettable when chosen wisely. However, you should avoid too bright and blinding tones of yellow, instead giving preference to calmer and cooler options like mustard, honey, or golden hues. Annabelle Fleur opted for a mustard dress and brown sandals that made her skin complexion and brunette locks glow.

  1. Black

black outfit with cute sunglasses black tuxedo dress with strappy sandals black sweater with studded skirt

For the most opulent and elegant options, however, black is simply irreplaceable as it’s perfect for any party look and business looks. However, give some consideration to the shape of your garments, which shouldn’t be too open and catchy, since the shade itself already suggests some proportions of allure and magnetic attraction.

  1. Pink

hot pink coat with leather trousers pink off shoulder top with distressed shorts hot pink dress with tinted sunglasses

For a flirty and feminine vibe, resort to shades of pink like fuchsia, baby pink or hot pink. Fuchsia is just another alternative you can try if you’re a fan of flashy shades yet wish to keep your looks feminine. This will especially work well with bold and catchy party dresses, having which you will definitely be the fatal beauty of the show.

  1. White

white lace dress with strappy sandals white studded dress with strappy sandals white outfit with blazer

When talking about ethereal options, we can’t but mention the pure and sweet white alternatives, too, which come as a specific counterbalance to the sensual black shade of brunettes’ hair. A universal shade perfect for any occasion except for weddings, white can be your best option for an ethereal, pure, and angelic looks.

  1. Lavender

lavender dress with blue clutch lavender shift dress

Drawn from the royal shade of purple, lavender is soft, subtle, and sweet giving you a romantic and alluring look. Like Annabelle Fleur, opt for a lavender tea dress perfect for brunch time with the girls, romantic dinner date, and even casual style. This way, you’ll look more flattering on your street looks.

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