8 Edgy Pieces to Revamp Your Look

Looking edgy are not only for grunge and rock fashion styles as you can now incorporate some edgy pieces to revamp your look whether you’re onto chic, feminine, casual, or even sophisticated style. Keep on scrolling for our fashion picks to make your typical outfit look sexy, free, and a little unexpected.

  1. Edgy Jewelry

coco rocha in edgy outfit and ear cuffs

-edgy-dress-with-pants-and-edgy-accessories edgy outfit with choker glam rock accessories

Add some edgy vibe to your looks with edgy accessories like ear cuffs, bib necklaces, glam rock necklaces, or even chokers. Silver and gold metals give some sophisticated and elegant vibe, while bronze and charcoal shades of metals give some glam-rock and grunge vibe. You can be creative in your outfit by layering strands of necklaces with your edgy dress, or simply wear a bib necklace under your collars. Some well-stacked edgy jewelry can make all the difference in making your outfit look intentional and stylish.

  1. Edgy and Studded Footwear

studded boots with denim jeans and leather jacket studded heels with leather jacket and full skirt thigh high boots with edgy outfit

Whether you prefer flat boots, wedges, stilettos, knee-high boots, ankle booties, or somewhere in-between, they all look great in our book. For a grunge look, opt for combat boots with studs, belts, and metallic trims worn with ripped jeans and leather jacket. But, to make it more chic, simply opt for thigh-high leather boots worn with skinny jeans and edgy top. If you still wish to look feminine and chic while keeping that edgy feel, opt for classic pumps with embellished spikes or studs and wear it with your feminine skirt and leather jacket. The edgy classic pumps make them look fantastic juxtaposed against your feminine pieces. Indeed, your footwear makes a statement in making up your overall looks so invest on them.

  1. Corset Tops

corset black leather cute-crown-with-edgy-outfit leather corset in white

Part of having a rocker-chic ensemble is looking sexy, and wearing corset tops as your outerwear is now an edgy and sexy trend that keeps going. You may wear your corset top with high-waist jeans or shorts for extra coverage that will still look fabulous and edgy. For an edgier statement, opt for corset tops made from leather or wear them with glossy pants. If you’re not comfortable showing your shoulders, you may top your looks with a structured blazer or shirt leaving it buttoned to let the corset peek through.

  1. Graphic Tees

classic red skirt with graphic tee metallic trousers and graphic tee with wedge sneakers animal print boots with rock chic outfit

Vintage or modern, concert t-shirts or graphic tees are a staple for women with rock-and-roll style. You have the option of pairing them with metallic leggings, feminine skirt, or leather jacket that can complement the style you’re aiming for. If you don’t want to look too informal or intense on your tees, go for ones with simple logos, phrase, or statement in them to complement your personality.

  1. Flannel Shirts

distressed jeans with flannel shirt flannel shirt rock chic flannel shirt with pants and boots

Cozy, warm, and versatile, flannel shirt can be styled with many different outfits. For a creative look, you may tie a flannel shirt around your waist with a little grunge dress for an on-trend look, or wear them buttoned up and tucked into your distressed denim jeans. Wearing a checkered or plaid flannel shirt beneath your structured jacket is a stylish way of adding dimension to your outfit.

  1. Skinny Jeans and Leggings

edgy jeans with leather jacket leopard print boots with rock outfit rocker turtleneck skinny jeggings with basic tee

Whether you prefer plain, coated, mineral-washed, or shredded, you just can’t rock-and-roll without a trusty pair of skinny pants. Pair them with your crop top, edgy jacket, sporty sweater, or even chic top. If you wish for a sexier vibe, you may resort to a pair of metallic leggings, animal print pants, or leather leggings.

  1. Leather Shorts

edgy leather outfit with boots leather shorts and sleek top with leggings

For a sexy and edgy vibe, get a pair of leather shorts that is versatile enough to pair with your chic and dressy tops. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may wear a knitted top and sleek blazer to add some polish to your edgy leather shorts. Just complete your looks with edgy boots or feminine pumps.

  1. Edgy Outerwear

sleeveless-jacket-with-edgy-outfit edgy outfit with drawstring bucket bag edgy leather jacket with skirt and boots denim jacket with rocker chic outfit

Whether you’re into borrowed from boys style, tomboyish style, or simply and edgy-chic style, outerwear add some statement to your looks. Think of feminine tuxedos, leather jackets, moto vests, biker jackets, structured blazer and such that can channel your edgy vibe without committing to trends. After all, looking edgy must root from your personality and fashion sense for your style to look naturally beautiful.

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