8 Creative Ways to Style Your Cardigan

From floor length to blazer lengths, cardigan has been one of the classic wardrobe staples that every woman should have. However, its generous proportions and slouchy appeal can sometimes make you look unintentionally unpolished. If you’re looking for fresh and creative ways to style your cardigan, keep on scrolling to scoop our styling tricks.

  1. Casual Street Style

denim button down dress with cardigan

denim on denim outfit with cardigan model off duty outfit

Though wearing cardigan with jeans is the most obvious choice, you can extend your denim choices to overalls, shirt dress, tube dress, and even denim-on-denim outfit. Just keep in mind that when cardigan worn with a pair of skinny jeans and a fitted top underneath, the oversized and slouchy qualities of the long boyfriend cardigan are tamed creating a more proportioned look. However, if you wish to wear them with more bulky denim pieces, play on it structure, cuts, and even fabrics to create a polished style without looking overdone.

  1. Casual Chic Look

casual chic outfit with cardigan cuffed jeans with cardigan floor length cardigan with casual chic outfit

To create the look of a laid-back but not too dressy outfit, mix and match your casual pieces with chic pieces. Since denim items scream casual, pair them with your chicest pieces like button-down shirts, feminine tops, chic tank, ruffled blouse, off shoulder tops or such creating a casual chic look. When creating this style, keep in mind that fabric matters so choose wisely. Denim fabric would look great when contrasted with elegant and delicate fabrics like silk, cashmere, wool, tweed, and such. Modern technology has also afforded us high-tech blends of cardigans that not only breathe, but also hold their shape better than in days gone by.

  1. Equestrian Chic Style

cashmere cardigan with edgy outfit equestrian chic outfit

The equestrian chic style is one of the edgiest fashion styles you may go for if you’re not a fan of leather. Just opt for a pair of skinny jeans or leggings to resemble the breeches worn by horse riders and pair it with a button-down shirt or a structured top completed by a cardigan. Equestrians are known wearing knee-high boots with their breeches, so you may ship your ankle boots, pumps, and stilettos this time.

  1. Eclectic Fashion Style

all black outfit with cardigan eclectic dress with cardigan light blue cardigan with royal blue outfit printed skirt with blue cardigan

Looking for ways to look arty without looking preppy? Opt for an eclectic outfit like an unconventionally ruffled dress, artistically printed skirt, or even a creatively styled cardigan. You may think of a textured dress with exaggerated frills, a skirt with bold and quirky prints, an outfit with clashing colors and such. If you’re not a fan of colors, you may go for neutrals and style your outfit in an eclectic way like belting your cardigan while wearing a crop top and skirt.

  1. Modern Classic Style

modern classic outfit with sneakers robe coat with cardigan

Create a modern classic style with your cardigan by mixing your classic ensembles with trendy ones. Wearing a floor length cardigan with a knitted turtleneck and sneakers or wearing a robe coat with floor length cardigan with patent knee-high boots mirrors your classic style with a modern twist. Just stick to basic ensembles and wear them with modern pieces, or style your classic outfit modernly with the help of your contemporary accessories.

  1. Modern Bohemian Looks

cardigan with casual outfit cashmere dress with cardigan modern boho outfit with cardigan

If you’re not a fan of peasant dresses or tribal prints, create your modern bohemian style by playing with your hemline lengths. Cardigans have the natural breeziness to them that matches the atmosphere of a Bohemian fashion. Pairing a long boyfriend cardigan with a short skirt and chic top, or a maxi dress is an excellent way to dress-down a silhouette for day and add just the right amount of slouch. Feel free to add some fringe and tassel details on your accessories such as earrings, handbags, or boots.

  1. Edgy Fashion Style

classic cardigan with leather trousers graphic shirt with cardigan cardigan with dress

Edgy fashion style doesn’t always mean wearing leather on your street looks. You may resort to a borrowed-from-boys look or a tomboyish style in order to channel your edgy vibe. Perhaps the most important thing to remember when wearing a cardigan into your edgy look is to play the masculine shapes of the cardigan against something softer and more feminine to create balance to create its streetwise yet sophisticated appeal. Think of female tuxedo, straight leg pants, loafers, brogues, oxfords and such that can polish your edgy looks

  1. Preppy Chic Style

knitted separates with red cardigan dress with cardigan cardigan with dress and heels

Cardigans are basically the trademark outerwear of a preppy style as its natural and soft texture makes your overall outfit look impeccable. Since office outfits are often layered with a sleek and well-tailored blazer, why not switch to cardigans to refresh your typical office look? A neutral colored cardigan paired with an office-appropriate dress or skirt is stylish and creative.

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