8 Best Outfits by Hailey Baldwin

She may only be 19 but her style game is already stronger and fiercer than some of ours will ever be. To me, Hailey Baldwin is the kind of girl who can make anything look chic and stylish. And I mean everything — from slouchy sweatpants to baggy shirts and everything else in between – there’s just nothing she can wear to look out of style. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these outfits by Hailey Baldwin that are just on point.

  1. Athletic chic – who says you can’t look chic while looking all sporty and athletic? This gorgeous outfit by Hailey Baldwin consists of a varsity jacket and a cute denim mini and some leather moto boots. It’s the perfect casual nighttime outfit for summer.athletic chic
  2. Gorgeously tan – this outfit has Hailey gorgeous in tan in all the right ways. Her skin has just the right hint of color to it to make the white off shoulder top pop and her tan suede mini just completes the whole look so perfectly.tan suede mini
  3. Badass babe – many people think you have to pull off an all-black, all-leather look to get that bad ass vibe going but that’s not always true. Check out this outfit by Hailey Baldwin that consists of an uber chic and sexy velour slip dress and some shiny leather boots.badass look hailey baldwin badass babe
  4. Summer style on point – sometimes, less is indeed more and Hailey Baldwin proves just that in this simple but stunning light blue off shoulder number which she paired up with gray suede heels.summer cute dress
  5. Stylish stripes – so many women stay away from stripes because of the common misconception that stripes aren’t flattering but we’re seeing the total opposite from Hailey Baldwin here who casually paired up a simple striped dress with brown suede boots.stylish stripes
  6. Beautifully Boho – Boho may not be her signature style but Hailey sure knows how to pull off a Bohemian-inspired look. This flowy and romantic maxi dress paired up with suede boots nail the Boho vibe that everyone wants for summer.beautifully boho
  7. Biker chic – and while we love seeing Hailey Baldwin pull off ultra chic and girly looks, we can’t help but drool over the occasional rough and rugged looks she pulls off, too, like this biker chic look.biker chic
  8. Polished casual – no one does a polished casual look quite like Hailey. Here you see her taking a plain white shirt to the next level by wearing it with a glam embellished jacket and sexy denim shorts finished off with black gogo boots.polished casual


Here are a few more looks from Hailey Baldwin that we love to take inspiration from

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