7 Ways to Wear Your LBD on Halloween

Halloween can be stressful and expensive. It’s that one time of the year when we spend time and money on costumes that we most likely won’t be wearing again. Whether you’re trying to cut on Halloween costume costs, trying to get the most bang for your buck on a recent LBD purchase or simply can’t come up with another costume idea, these 7 ways to wear your LBD on Halloween are guaranteed to make you look fun, fab and chic without breaking the bank.

  • AUDREY HEPBURN – this look has been a staple in every Halloween party every year. Just add some gloves, pearls, heels and oversized sunnies to your LBD and you’re good to go. To give it a real nice Halloween vibe, just pour on some fake blood.audrey hepburn
    audrey hepburn costume idea
  • CRUELLA DE VIL – unleash your villainous side and channel Cruella De Vil this Halloween. All you need for this look is a Little Black Dress to slip into and a nice, thick fur coat to top it off with. Add on a wig and some stuffed dogs for full effect.cruella de vil costume cruella de vil lbd outfit idea sexy glam
  • KIM KARDASHIAN ON PAPER MAGAZINE – of course, we’re talking about the one with all of her clothes on! For this costume, just wear gloves, pearls and a really high top bun along with Kim Kardashian inspired makeup (a strong contour game is a must!) and bring a bottle of champagne and a champagne flute to complete the look.kim kardashian for paper mag
  • WEDNESDAY ADDAMS – if you’re a fan of the Addams family, you’ll know how easy it is to be Wednesday with just a little black dress, some pigtails and really pale makeup. Layer your LBD over a collared white shirt to get that signature preppy-ish look and make sure to get your crazy stare on!wednesday addams wednesday addams costume idea
  • SASSY WITCH – you know how witches are always portrayed to be creepy, disheveled and all wrinkled up every Halloween? Well, it’s time to change that image and create a more sassy and chic witch. All you need is your LBD, a pointy had, some stockings and killer pumps for the outfit and either a broomstick or mini cauldron for accessories.witch outfit super simple witch outfit cute redhead with broom props
  • LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD – it can’t get any easier than this. Seriously, just slip into your LBD, throw on a red hooded cape, carry a picnic basket and you’re good to go. Talk about last minute, ha!

red riding hood

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