7 Ways to Wear the Paisley Trend

The droplet-shaped vegetable motif has an Indian and Persian origin and became well-known in the Western world. Though its origins might be a little disputed whether the design represents a pear, mango or cypress leaf, the obvious thing is the paisley pattern has captivated designers across the globe. Since the 70s power print is officially back on the fashion map, keep on reading for our 7 ways to wear the paisley trend.

  1. Paisley Tea Dresses

paisley dress with orange jacket

white structured mini bag with boho chic outfit pleated paisley dress with blazer paisley print dress with nude wedges paisley print dress with hat

Whatever your fashion style is, paisley tea dresses are less bohemian looking you may go for to add some flair to your summer look. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, going for a bright green paisley dress worn with a statement necklace and a pair of nude edges refreshed the pattern into a modern look. Another great way to wear paisley is to pair it with a solid color, preferably neutral to channel some modern bohemian vibe. For best results, you can replicate one of the colors found in your paisley print whether it’s red-orange, mustard, rust, camel, brown, or any other shades from the earthy palette.

  1. Bohemian Dresses

keyhole paisley dress with jacket vintage paisley silk dress with clogs pointy ballet flats with paisley dress paisley slit dress with clogs paisley print maxi dress with hat paisley maxi dress with rounded sunglasses paisley maxi dress with fur jacket

If you’ve fallen for the 70s style, then bohemian dresses with paisley are perfect for you. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldrige, wear your paisley print dress in a bohemian way by teaming it with a vintage belt and clogs. Or, make it a bit summery by topping your bohemian dress with a wide brimmed straw hat as its relaxed, bohemian roots perfectly capture the spirit of the season. Like Annabelle Fleur, wear the modern boho look by going for a paisley print maxi dress and a pair of rounded sunnies to keep the focus on your prints.

  1. Paisley Print Tops

paisley top with pleated skirt paisley top with chic shorts and floppy hat paisley top with button front skirt

Teaming your paisley tops with button-front skirts and tiered skirts screams bohemian. Many women want to wear multiple prints or patterns at the same time, but don’t know whether this looks good. The truth is that mixing patterns takes practice and the key lies to teaming patterns and prints in different sizes. You may think of teaming paisley with paisley too as long as they of different sizes and color.

  1. Paisley Skirts

paisley pencil skirt with black top paisley skirt with navy cape paisley skirt with crop top paisley skirt with striped top and leather jacket

When speaking about patterns and prints, note that a pattern is a repeated construction, while a print is an image that features a composition, like a drawing. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may go for a striped tee to wear with your paisley skirt to keep everything sleek, since stripes are considered neutral. Also, if you want to wear a print that features heavy lines and big blocks of color, you should wear it with something that features thin lines, regardless of whether they are straight or curved.

  1. Paisley Pants

paisley pants with bohemian top paisley pants with cobalt blue top

For a bold bohemian statement, opt for a pair of paisley pants with flared or bell-bottom style that will do the tricks for you. On the contrary, going for a modern statement can be achieved by going for a pair of paisley pants in non-earthy shades and teaming it with a brightly-colored top and a pair of stiletto boots.

  1. Paisley Scarves

paisley blanket scarf with all white outfit paisley scarf with vintage outfit paisley blanket scarf with hat

A good way to wear a paisley scarf is with a neutral color like white, black, gray, beige, khaki, tan, ivory, brown, dark blue and such that will create a cohesive look. Since paisley is such a busy print, those women who want to keep it a little on the conservative side can pair any type of paisley print with a solid neutral. This combination is safe and nobody can tell you that the two don’t go together well.

  1. Matching Sets

paisley matching set of blazer and shorts

For a relaxed, effortless, and sleek look, go for paisley print matching sets like a blazer with shorts. Just wear complementing accessories to avoid looking flashy since paisley is a busy print. By heeding our stylish guidelines, you’ll be able to wear the paisley trend this summer with an effortless feel and carefree vibe.

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