7 Ways to Wear Mesh Trend This Summer

Since the weather is warming up, it’s time to show some skin and shed those heavy layers. One of the best ways to show a little extra skin this summer is to rock the mesh trend. Made of loosely woven or knitted fabric, mesh has a large number of closely spaced holes, which makes it comfortable, breathable, and cool for scorching heat this summer season. So, keep on reading for our 7 ways to wear mesh trend this summer.

  1. Mesh or Net-like Sandals and Boots

cut out mesh sandals with architectural outfit

nude mesh boots with denim shorts and flor length vest net boots with metallic silver pants and black top mesh boots with turtleneck dress cut out sandals with sheer cut out dress

Sometimes the woven effect of the material just adds textural interest to your outfit. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, spice up your little black dress or a casual-chic outfit with a pair of net-like boots in neutral shades. This way, you’ll create a trendy statement without being over-the-top, especially if your boots are thigh high and unconventional. Also, you may go for mesh cross-body bag or mesh tote bag that can add some breezy and effortless vibe this summer season.

  1. Mesh Sweater

mesh sweater with denim shorts and tote bag mesh-sweater-with-leather-skirt-and-cap-toe-pumps mesh top with chic shorts and sporty chic sneakersmesh sweater with jeans

Today we expect our clothes not only to look sensational but also to look functional. If you’re a fan of knitted sweater, trade them for a mesh sweater that can be a great match with sexy bottoms. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, team you mesh sweater with a pair of denim short perfect for beach trips or with a leather skirt perfect for casual walks in the town. The material’s narrowly spaced openings allow air to pass through, keeping you cool and dry even it’s a sweater. Indeed, it’s a godsend in our increasingly hot and humid summer.

  1. Chic Mesh Top

earcuffs-with-mesh-top-and-mermaid-skirt navy mesh top with white pants

Some mesh tops can be great for formal events and even in the office as long as they’re not too loosely woven, therefore not too sheer and revealing. Like Micah Gianneli, dress up your chic mesh top with a classy mermaid skirt perfect for parties. However, wear the right bra as nothing is worse than seeing someone wearing sheer shoulders with their bra straps peeking out. So keep your look seamless which will make your style classy and sophisticated.

  1. Sexy Mesh Top

mesh-bandeau-top-with-skinny-pants-and-gold-and-black-cap-toe-heels mesh top with wide leg pants mesh top with vest and jeans mesh-top-with-leather-jacket-and-skirt

Sexy mesh tops are seductive in an offhand way. Whether it may refer to athletic bandeau tops, T-back dresses, tank tops, sheer tops, or loose tee, make sure your bits are covered and you’re just showing a subtle glimpse of skin. Remember, showing a good amount of skin can be sexy and fashionable, but if you’re going to show off a lot, make sure the parts that count are still covered. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may think of layering a tube top with no cleavage shown when wearing a full mesh top. If you want to be a little more revealing underneath without being too scandalous, go for a mesh underneath your tuxedo vest like Kristina Bazan did.

  1. Mesh Skirt

cut out midi skirt with black top mesh skirt with jacket mesh skirt with chiffon blouse

For women who wish to show off their long, lean legs, go for mesh skirts. Whether a mini or maxi style, always opt for a non-sheer underneath to keep your vulnerable zones covered. You may actually opt for a mini skirt that you can wear with a mesh skirt just to add some flair to your outfit, or simply layer your mesh skirt with a shorter dress that will do the tricks for you.

  1. Mesh Dress

black mesh dress with geometric sandals yellow scarf with cut out dress and mules white mesh dress translucent-boots-with-mesh-dress sporty mesh dress mesh dress with leather jacket geometric mesh dress

When going for a mesh dress, wear the proper concealing pieces underneath to keep your looks classy and sophisticated. Like Blair Eadie, go for complementing accessories like a woven-like pair of sandals and chic sunglasses that will create a balanced statement for you. If the mesh you’re working with is athletic-inspired, pair that piece with something more refined or particularly feminine.

  1. Mesh Jacket or Blazer

mesh-jacket-with-sheer-top-and-skinny-pants mesh dress with blazer

If you’re a fan of jacket and coats, but find summer too hot for it, then go for mesh style on your outerwear. Breezy, cool, and relaxed, mesh blazers and jackets while giving an effortless vibe to whatever outfit you’re wearing. Looking for ways to get more coverage with your too revealing outfit, then be inspired by Blair Eadie’s style of wearing a mesh dress with a mesh blazer that made her looks trendy yet season-appropriate.

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