7 Ways to Rock a Choker

Don’t you just love how the trends for accessories get better and edgier every time? In case you haven’t heard, chokers are back from the 90s and they are so much better than ever. Pulling off any look with a choker is so much easier today since there are so many styles and designs to choose from and most of these are really flattering for everyone. If you’re thinking of wearing the trend, check out these cool, chic ways to rock a choker.

  1. With a basic look – dress up your usual basic t-shirt-and-jeans kind of look by adding a choker in the mix. It’s surprising how such a little piece of accessory can do so much for a simple outfit.basic tshirt and gold cuff choker
    basic outfit and statement choker
  2. Stacked up – create an edgy fashion statement by stacking up your chokers. This one’s rather tricky to pull off and especially so when you don’t have too long of a neck but there is a workaround to it and that is to either wear skinny chokers or wear different sizes.stacked chokers coachella outfit stacked chokers gold and black
  3. Layered with longer necklaces – if you’re not into stacking multiple chokers in one go, you can choose to layer it up with longer necklaces instead. This one is a lot easier to pull off and there’s so much room for whatever look you want to go for, too.layered choker and longer necklaces
  4. Wrap around – if you find regular chokers a little too dressy or a bit too edgy for your style, you can ditch those and go for the wrap around style instead. These have more of a laidback vibe to them and you can style them any way you want.wrap around choker and red spring dress wrap around black choker
  5. Noir chic – it’s crazy how a choker can add so much sexiness to a simple monochromatic outfit, especially a black one. If you ever feel like your head to toe black ensemble is lacking a bit of oomph, go on and add a choker to transform your look.all black outfit kendall jenner choker all blac chic look with choker
  6. Luxe – chokers used to be something you wear to create an edgy look that’s either casual or street style but why stop there? To get a more luxurious look, go for a metal choker. Gold plated ones seem to do the job nicely but if you want to go all out, how about one that’s faux gem encrusted?gold choker diamond luxe choker
  7. In the spotlight – showcase your gorgeous choker and make them the focal point of your look by wearing either an off shoulder top or a tube top. These kinds of tops leave just the right amount of skin bare to make way for attention towards your choker.off shoulder knit dress tube top and red choker
  8. Boudoir bombshell – need a quick and easy but also sexy and hot outfit idea? Slip into your favorite slip dress and finish it up with a choker and your sexier pair of heels and you’re good to go.slip dress and choker slip dress in maroon


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