7 Ways to Make Dressing Fun When You’re Stuck in a Fashion Rut

When you’re stuck in a fashion rut, you’re most likely to go shopping to get fresh pieces to revamp your closet. However, that’s how women end up with five of the exact same top and nothing they actually want to wear. The problem isn’t that your clothes are ugly or you have no style, maybe you’re just bored and need to make getting dressed fun again. So, keep on reading for the 7 ways to make dressing fun when you’re stuck in a fashion rut.

  1. Remove all the black from your wardrobe for one whole week.

colorful outfit with blue jacket

pastel pink dress with coat orange dress with red blazer

Black may be timeless and versatile, but it can also make you less creative. This time, get them out of your sight and hang up all your remaining clothes and organize them by silhouette and color. This way, you’ll likely end up with colorful and vibrant outfits. You may even think of unusual color combinations like wearing an orange dress with a red blazer that looks modern. By the end of the week, you should feel less dependent on black clothing and have a colorful street style.

  1. Wear the same basic outfit for a whole week.

chambray romper with boots white sneakers with sweater and skirt sailor overalls with crop top

This time, make your looks easy, effortless, and basic. Go for straightforward pieces that you can wear at work or on the weekend. It may be a monochromatic outfit or overalls that you can wear with any top. By stretching your basic pieces, you’ll be amazed at how versatile and fun your wardrobe really is. By the end of the week, reopen your closet and look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes. After wearing the same outfit for so long, your other clothes should look much more appealing to you.

  1. Wear one piece a different way every day for a week.

denim blouse with printed skirt yellow dress with black jacket striped top with fall boots

It may be a striped crop top, a pencil skirt, a brightly colored dress, a leather jacket, or such that can be your key piece. Once the key item has been selected, it’s your job to style it in a different way every day for a week as your office outfit, date outfit, weekend outfit and such. Even if you don’t end up liking all the outfits you wear that week, it will show you how versatile your wardrobe really is.

  1. Make outfits at random and just see what happens.

ruffled off shoulder dress pastel pink dress with tights tropical print dress

If you’re clueless what to wear, pull out items from your closet without looking on them until you have a completed look. You may find that combinations you’ll never put together on purpose actually look really good starting from dresses, bags, shoes, and jeans. This way, you’ll be having a little fun with your wardrobe for a change.

  1. Ask a stylish friend to dress you for one week.

floral print trousers with leather jacket sporty cool jacket with sequin shorts orange jacket with accordion skirt

Even all of us have different styles to go for, inviting your to style for you can help change your perspective in a creative way. Whether it’s about wearing sequined shorts with sneakers and denim jacket, or wearing floral pants with a leather jacket, the more open to the experience you are, the more you will get out of it.  It may be uncomfortable at first but stick with it.

  1. Trade wardrobes with one of your friends for a month.

chic sunglasses with classic outfit tweed matching set blazer and shorts crop top with pants and metallic boots

Find a friend in a similar situation and offer to trade closets. Whether it’s a cute clutch, lace blouse, or metallic boots, it will make you creative by thinking which piece from your closet will look perfect with it. This way, you’ll get new pieces in your wardrobe without going shopping.

  1. Have a social media style-off with one of your friends.

layered outfit with jeans grunge outfit with red jacket fall party outfit

Every day for a week, you and your friend will take pictures of your outfits and send them to each other. Sometimes a little friendly competition is just what you need to get your creative juices flowing. By heeding these fun ways, you’ll be able to escape a fashion rut without spending money on shopping.

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