7 Tried and Tested Weekend Outfits for Spontaneous Girls

The weekend is a fabulous time to go out with friends and have fun and while that means we’re free from the stress of school and work, it doesn’t mean we’re free from the pressure of looking chic as well. As a fashion enthusiast, weekends are the time to look fab, chic, and glamorous, planning outfits ahead of time is a must but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good if you’re the spontaneous kind. Here are some tried and tested weekend outfits that are guaranteed to make you look chic in a jiffy.

  1. Striped top and skinny jeans – this combination is a classic and has proven to be a no-fail go-to for ladies who barely have time to plan an extravagant outfit. Go for the classic black and white skinny stripes instead of colored ones of different widths. It will give you more of that classic touch to your look.striped top and jeans
    stripes and jeans
  2. Pleated skirt and sneakers – pleated skirts have a bit of a vintage retro vibe to them and pairing them up with sneakers gives them a contemporary edge. Pair them up with a loose tank top for a cute summer outfit or a slouchy tee or pullover for a really chic casual look.pleated silver skirt pleated skirt with sneakers
  3. Statement miniskirt and a button up shirt – miniskirts always make a great weekend outfit, especially when you’re looking for something chic, casual and sexy. Pick a miniskirt with a loud print, an interesting cut or one with unique details and pair it up with a button up for your instant dose of style.strappy sandals and off shoulder dress strappy sandals and summer printed dress
  4. Slip dress, cardigan and boots – slip dresses are a little too sexy for everyday on their own but layer it up with a cardigan and a pair of boots and you’re golden. This combo is perfect for when you want a sexy and edgy ensemble in one.slip dress cardigan and boots slip dress and boots
  5. Summer dress and strappy sandals – whether it’s the gladiator style kind or those trendy lace up styles, strappy sandals never fail to inject a sexy vibe to any look. Pair that up with a cute and flirty summer dress and you have yourself an outfit that’s sure to turn heads.strappy sandals and off shoulder dress strappy sandals and summer printed dress
  6. Maxi skirt and crop top – this fashion combo has always worked so if you’re looking for an easy-breezy outfit for spring and summer, go for a maxi and a crop top. Other top alternatives include bandeaus and bralettes.maxi skirt and off shoulder crop top maxi skirt and bandeau
  7. Monochromatic outfit – pressed for time? Put on a monochromatic outfit and you’re good to go. Piecing an outfit of the same color from head to toe is really easy and takes so little time but yet looks so effortlessly chic.

monochromatic coordinates monochromatic outfit feat lace top

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