7 Top Trends for Spring

Spring trends are usually really cute and girly but this year, we are looking at spring trends that are more on the chic, sexy, sophisticated side. You might have already seen some new trends during late fall but now that spring is in full swing, all the hottest trends are coming out and we couldn’t be any more excited to try them on. Here are some of the top trends for spring that we’re sure you will love.

  1. Full skirts – full skirts are going to be everywhere this spring and if you’re the girly type, this is something that you shouldn’t dare miss. Full skirts are perfect for creating chic looks that are feminine and sophisticated. Pair them up with heels and you have an outfit that you can wear just about anywhere.full skirt in red
    full skirt blue floral print
  2. Novelty clutch – forget about big, bulk bags. This spring, novelty clutches are all the rage so go ahead and grab the quirkiest that you can find. You can use this piece to liven up a plain and simple look or one that has mostly neutral hues.novelty clutch eye design novelty time piece clutch
  3. Wide legged pants – it looks like skinny jeans are going to be taking a break for a while as wide legged pants are on the rise again. Pair yours up with figure-hugging tops and finish up the look with heels for a fantastic outfit that will make you look taller and slimmer.wide legged polka dot pants wide leg striped pants
  4. Culottes – culottes are basically another take on wide legged pants. They’re perfect for days when you want to both feel comfy and look stylish. Culottes also have more of that flowy, laidback look and feel which is great for adding a touch of easy glam to your look.culottes windowpane print culottes and cami
  5. Off the shoulder tops – off the shoulder tops are making a comeback and they’re better now than ever before. Off the shoulder tops are great for festival outfits and for any other spring or summer street style looks.off shoulder white top off shoulder floral top
  6. Stand out sequins – this spring, put a little bit of sparkle and shine to your look by wearing some sequins. Daytime sequins are nothing new so don’t be afraid to wear them for non-evening looks.sequin slit skirt sequin gold shirt
  7. Micropleats – pleats are great but micropleats just take adding texture to your outfit to the next level. They’re subtle but they add such a nice statement to the outfit you’re wearing without making it seem like you’re going overboard.micropleated metallic skirt micropleats skirt


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