7 Sweater Nail Art Designs You’ll Obsess Over

Nail art has always been something that a lot of girls obsess about. There’s something about creating various designs on your nails that makes this kind of art so addicting. Whether you do your nail art designs by yourself or you have it done professionally at the nail art studio, there’s no denying that having a cute look on your nails is always a nice confidence booster. This winter, while you get warm and cozy in your favorite sweater, why not dress up your nails in the same fashion? Here are some sweater nail art designs that you will surely obsess over.

  1. In the navy – there’s something about the color navy that makes us think of sophisticated but warm winter looks. This knitted navy sweater nail art is the perfect nail look to wear if you’re looking for something that is a combination of fabulous, fierce, and fun.in-the-navy
  2. All matte- this all matte knitted sweater nail art look is one of the cutest I have ever seen. The matte finish helps in achieving that posh vibe, ad the colors are just so pretty — definitely what most of us would wear as an actual sweater.all-matte
  3. The usual –  these sweater nails look very much like the sweaters I would personally wear on a daily basis in winter. They’re cute and simple, making them super easy to mix and match with just about anything from a typical winter wardrobe.the-usual
  4. Sweater print – now, if you think knitted sweater nail art is a tad too mainstream, or maybe too technical for your nail art skill level, then how about going for something like a winter sweater kind of design? It’s certainly not your typical sweater nail art look but it’s surely something that will keep the stares coming.sweater-print
  5. Nude knits – love nude nails? You’ll love this nude knit sweater nail art look. It’s a 3D nail art design that is sure to sweep any minimalist off of her feet. Of course, you can do this with any neutral nude color that you like, though this combo is really pretty.nude-knits
  6. Pretty pastels – for those who want something really soft and ladylike but think nudes are a tad too boring, you can always add a soft pop of color to your nails by opting for pastels. This pretty pastel sweater nail art look is something that you’ll definitely fall in love with.pretty-pastels
  7. Fab and festive – here’s a more colorful sweater nail art look for you, if you don’t mind having a lot of fabulous colors on your nails. This festive look will surely give anyone who wears it that holiday feel and vibe.fab-and-festive

Here are some more sweater nail art looks that you will love.

neutral-knits-matte neutral-knits ombre-sweater-nails sweater-stitches textured-sweater-knits

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